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Ronin Katana – European Sword #9 – Arming Sword

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This Ronin Katana European Arming Sword has a blade of 1075 high carbon steel that was both well-tempered and sharpened. The blade has a long cross-section for weight reduction. The crossguard and pommel are crafted from steel and the thick blade tang was peened to the pommel to give it a robust hilt construction. The grip is wrapped in stitched leather with its central section overlaid in cord.

The wood-core scabbard is overlaid with stitched black leather and finished with a steel locket and chape. Steel hanging buckles are riveted to bands of leather on the scabbard. Included is an adjustable thin leather sword belt with a steel buckle and an integrated hanging frog.

Overall Length36 3/8''
Blade Length29 5/16''
Weight2 lb 13.2 oz
Width42.4 mm
Thickness6.9 mm - 3.9 mm
P.O.B.4 3/8''
Grip Length4 13/16''
Blade [1075 High Carbon Steel]
TypeArming Sword
ClassBattle Ready
ManufacturerRonin Katana
Country of OriginChina

11 reviews for Ronin Katana – European Sword #9 – Arming Sword

  1. James Whitworth

    A big step up from the previous models but it has its flaws. In many ways this is a big step up from the previous models. Especially in terms of its construction. The hilt components fit much tighter than the previous versions and the cord wrapped grip feels much more substantial. However, the cord is just tucked in on either side. So I’m not sure it will last forever. But it’s got a leather wrap under it that should do nicley as well. The cross guard is milled very well with not a lot of gaps. The peen is also very clean. Additionally, the scabbard is much nicer with a metal throat. However, the belt assembly is a bit of a downgrade. So much so that it’s entirely useless. It’s set at a point that is not even close to the balance point of the sword.

    In terms of the blade this model is a bit on the heavy side. Ronin lists it as being much lighter but KOA has it listed a half a pound heavier, which is much more accurate. The blade is very thick and not all that broad. As a result it doesn’t cut all that well due to the steep angle of the edge. Luckily there is no secondary bevel so that helps. The blade is also very stiff and doen’t flex easily. But it’s well tempored and can be bent quite a distance without taking a set.

    Overall the new models are all great values. The long-sword is probably the most well handling of the lot. However, this one is more my style aesthetically.

  2. Jim J.

    A Truly Remarkable Sword I have done business with Kult of Athena for many years and purchased many swords from them. This has to be the most unbelievable find I have come across to date. At $250. the quality, fit and finish and materials of this sword have to be experienced to be believed. It appears to me that this sword is based on the Oakeshott Type Xa sword that is designated in Records Of The Medieval Sword, P.37, as Xa1. It is very close in style; pommel, cross, and blade style. I am, needless to say, very pleased with this purchase. Ryan and his team did their usual great job in packing and shipping. The sword arrived on time and in perfect condition. If you are looking for a great replica of a European Medieval sword I highly recommend this sword from Kult of Athena.

  3. Samuel Moss

    Buy this one! Very good I love it a lot my only problem is that it is only sharpen a little bit, but it will still cut decently well. Overall 8/10

  4. Michael H.

    Yes, I agree, buy this one. The one I received was constructed by a true craftsman. It’s beautiful. Most of the swords being made (at any price) are too thin for my liking and have too much flex. This blade is over 1/4″ thick at the guard (either side of the fuller) and has very good flex, without taking a set, but at the same time doesn’t seem “flimsy ” in the least. Great temper. TRUELY battle ready. Just watch a youtube destruction video of this brand. I don’t think you can do better for this price. I’m gonna buy a Viking model also.

  5. John C.

    Excellent Sword Really impressed with this sword, especially for the price. The sword feels solid, handles well, and I really like the flex of the blade. Really nice finish on the peen as well. The scabbard fits the sword snuggly and, though basic, is quite nice.

  6. N0Taqua

    Love it Not a verified reviewer as I purchased mine directly from Ronin Katana mfg website, when KOA was out of stock. Same review is posted there, by me.

    Really solidly built, looks and feels high quality. Love the profile/shape of the blade, exactly as I hoped for. Looks great, quite sharp.

    Some tiny, minuscule imperfections in the blade, nothing that bothers me. Really can’t stress enough how small the one main blemish I found is, and the other is barely a scuff mark. Both of which could easily buffed or ground out.

    Feels a bit heavy. Not clumsy, and while I’ve never handled any other one handed swords, I can’t claim that this one feels specifically nimble or agile.

    Biggest con: faux-leather handle wrapping cord is coming off already, on 1st day of ownership, from only a bit of swinging in the air. I planned to re-wrap handle someday anyway, but not great to see so soon.

    Overall, I love it. My first real sword, and despite the minor flaws I am impressed and satisfied. Really pleased with the price and very plain finish, perfect for customization.

  7. Jordan W.

    Great for the money Just received the sword and I am very happy with it, the grip is a little wide near the guard but overall a great sword.

  8. cass S.

    very good! I bought this sword in the hopes of scoring a decent sword at a bargain price, as I own several high-end swords already. this sword is of good quality and the edge comes few careful passes with the stone and it really comes alive though. the edge is much better than most european swords I have encountered of this price bracket and everything is very much as it should be in a user-focused sword!

    however, a couple of cons; -the “leather” wrapped grip came loose after a few cuts and I am not certain it is leather at all… more like waxed and died cotton cord. no big deal, the leather underneath is decent and it only took a few minutes to wrap and tie back in place more securely.
    -The belt supplied is not of the same high quality as the sword, and is barely functional. Seeing as I have no intention of wearing this on a daily basis, it really doesn’t bother me. but worth mentioning.

    I give it five stars because I am very pleased with the way it holds together (wrap excused). I had a project going on with a new house I just bought that involved clearing several hundred square meters of mixed brush and small trees. I am ashamed to say it but I chopped down more that a few of those small trees with this sword. It held up to this abuse very well and came out with no rattles and no notable damage to the edge. even with several full power and very poorly aimed cuts into hard wood it is still as straight and beautiful as ever!
    I do not recommend this type of abuse, but it held up well and did the job better than expected.

  9. King of Butler (verified owner)

    I love it! The balance is good and feels great in the hand. It’s decently sharp but could use a little touch up. My only flaw is the frog it comes with, it doesn’t sit that well and it’s kinda useless. Overall really nice sword, 100% worth the money

  10. Kal_Eb

    My wife bought me this sword from Ronin Katana’s website, not through KoA. The sword came in perfect condition with a good edge and great feel & balance. I was going through some sword forms inside my house with it and I accidentally hit a glass bowl ceiling light cover. The blade snapped clean about 11 inches from the hilt. I wasn’t even swinging it very hard at all and it broke on a light fixture. Besides using it to cut melons in the backyard once, that was the only other time I actually hit anything with that sword. Very disappointed in Ronin Katana’s work.

  11. Levi A.

    Decent value for the price. Blade is good quality, everything fits together properly, very reasonably priced. You won’t find much better in this price range. I’ve got two main complaints. Wrapping on the grip is not very secure, but the leather underneath is fine, and it’s not that difficult to replace. Also, the belt is awful, and the clips aren’t even near the balance point of the sword. Apart from that, this is a pretty good sword, especially for a beginner.

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