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Ronin Katana – Hand and a Half Italian Longsword

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The Hand and a Half Italian Longsword from Ronin Katana has a blade of sharpened 1075 high carbon steel with a weight-reducing fuller which runs for two-thirds of the blade. The crossguard and pommel are fashioned from stainless steel and the wood grip is bound in cord and finished with a black leather overwrap. The blade tang has been peened over the pommel for a secure overall construction.

The sword is matched with a wooden scabbard which was finished with a black leather binding and metal fittings.

This longsword is both agile and responsive and its fishtail pommel can serve both as a grip extension and a bludgeoning tool as needed.

Overall Length47''
Blade Length36 7/16''
Weight3 lbs 5 oz
Width41.6 mm
Thickness5.8 mm - 3.4 mm
P.O.B.5 1/8"
Grip Length7 5/8''
Blade [1075 High Carbon Steel]
ClassBattle Ready
ManufacturerRonin Katana
Country of OriginChina

3 reviews for Ronin Katana – Hand and a Half Italian Longsword

  1. Erekosë

    Lovely sword which is especially well made for thrusting.

    The blade itself is flexible, no twists or bends, snaps back to true after bending, and features a nice even fuller. The center of balance is right on the money at 4.5″ and the center of percussion sits right where the fuller ends (on my own sword). The sword arrives sharp! It has a beautiful and simple satin steel guard. The grip is comfortable and finding the edge alignment isn’t too difficult as long as your leading hand is choked up to the guard, but swells into a round shape in the middle. The scabbard is great and will hold the sword in place when sheathed, but don’t shake it upside down!

    Everyone complains about the RK medieval belt suspension system, but I’d say you’re not buying this sword for its belt…

    The sword is a natural thruster. It easily passes through water jugs and tatami mat like butter. I had issues when trying to cut/slash though. Maybe I need to break out my leather strop because the blade feels sharp, but it doesn’t do well cutting through half tatami mats. I batted around 3 half mats before giving up and thought it could just be me (it could have been a bad day). So I broke out my Jian and katana
    (Ronin Katana Dojo Pro) then proceeded to cut half and full rolled tatami mats with no issues whatsoever.

    My only other disappointment is that the pommel digs into my hand while swinging. The edges on the pommel are rounded, but maybe not rounded enough (unless this is normal for fishtail pommels).

    Overall, this is a beautiful, elegant sword and is gracefully shaped. Just don’t expect it to cut with the same authority as a falchion.

  2. Ryan O’Donnell (verified owner)

    The pommel and quillon are not straight and some other non functionality related issues like epoxy tuning on everything, the big problem is the tip geometry is off in a way that will effect performance by deflecting a little. For this price it’s functional and pretty.

  3. dijunian

    Blade was bent when i recieved it, guard loosened up and now rattles, and the scabbard scuffs the blade as well as leaving a weird white residue. Overall not happy with the purchase. The sword would handle well but you can feel the bent blade when swinging and is bent enough to throw off your point control.

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