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Ronin Katana Model 7

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The Ronin Katana #7 has a sharp, 1045 high carbon steel blade that has been differentially tempered, leaving a visible, wave-like hamon of harder edge steel. The tsuba, fuchi and kashira grip fittings are of a zinc alloy. The habaki and seppa are of brass. The wooden tsuka grip is wrapped with rayskin and overlaid with knotted red cotton Ito cord. A pair of menuki of zinc alloy have been fitted beneath the Ito grip wrap.

The Saya scabbard of wood is coated with black lacquer and fitted with a red cotton Sageo cord. Comes with a black cloth sword bag.

This type of sword is considered an entry-level cutter by Ronin Katana. Ronin advises that they are safe to use against single soaked tatami mats, as well as water bottles and similar targets. Ronin discourages their use against hard targets, as well as thick, hard plastic jugs

Overall Length40 3/8''
Blade Length29''
Weight2 lb 5.6 oz
Width31.5 mm
Thickness7 mm - 4.6 mm
Grip Length10 1/8''
Blade [1045 High Carbon Steel]
ClassBattle Ready
ManufacturerRonin Katana
Country of OriginChina

1 review for Ronin Katana Model 7

  1. Leo

    very good for the price First off the shipping was pretty fast, and even the USPS tracking worked fine – bonus points for that!
    As for the sword itself, it’s just what I imagined: it comes with a decent edge, and is well put together. Certainly better than similarly prized european sword replicas. Aesthetically pleasing, but also durable and practical. Unfortunately the brass(?) fittings on the scabbard have both come off, but that’s an easy fix.

    tl;dr: best for a budget, really happy!

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