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Samurai Armor Set – Okegawa Samurai


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    This suit of Japanese armor is fully wearable and ready for training and full-contact sparring. It is constructed from 19 gauge (.8mm) blackened iron plates with blue cotton lacing. The armor comes with a black lacquered wooden box and matching stand that allow it to be a striking display when not in use.

    The included armor is a helmet (Kabuto), a Cuirass with Tassets (Do and Kusazuri), shoulder armor (Sode), sleeve and hand armor (Kote and Tekko), thigh guard (Haidate) and greaves (Suneate).

    The kabuto helmet is crafted in the hineno-jikoro form – a style popular in the late 16th century; it has a removable mempo face mask and brass maedate crest. The moustache is of faux fur and the helmet is suspension-lined with cotton. A thick cord is included to tie the helmet to the chin. The torso armor is lined with fabric and its shoulder straps can be molded to fit the form of the wearers shoulder. The armor opens in a clamshell-like fashion to fit the torso and is tied on a single side. The left side is held together by a long pin, which can be removed to fit the armor to a larger torso – that side can then be tied as well in lieu of the pin.

    The kote sleeve and tekko hand armor is crafted from satin lined on the interior with fabric and fitted with iron plates and black chain. The suneate shin guards are crafted in a similar fashion of lined silk and stitched iron splints. The haidate thigh guard is of padded satin lined on the reverse with fabric and fitted with iron lamellar plates and cotton lacing. It has strips of faux leather on its front. A padded satin tie-belt for the armor is included.

    This armor was designed to optimally fit an individual who is 5 7 with a 41 chest who weighs around 170 pounds. It will also fit people who are 5 to 6 feet tall with chest sizes varying from 38 – 46. When the armor is displayed in a seated position it is about 5 feet tall. The armor comes with display assembly instructions. All the armor and its stand fit into its box for easy storage.

    The armor was pictured with its sleeves padded for a better display. It does not come with padding to fit into the sleeves, but this can be easily improvised.

    Full Suit Weighs Approximately 25 lbs
    Will fit a person who is 5” – 6” tall with a 38” – 46” chest
    Armor is about 5” tall when displayed on stand

    ColorBlack & Blue
    Country of OriginChina


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