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Samurai Armor Set – Yamamoto Kansuke Armor

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This intimidating, all-black suit of Samurai armor is named in homage to one of Takeda Shingens greatest generals: Yamamoto Kansuke. His leadership and strategy cleared the path to victory at Kawanakajima though he himself did not live to see his final success. As the battle ensued he mistakenly believed his strategy had failed; he thus charged with abandon into the enemy lines to fight and die a glorious death. His plans however did succeed, though the general himself had fallen.

Though a truly imposing display, this armor is fully wearable and quite suitable for full-contact sparring and martial training. When not in use it can be displayed on its stand and wooden black lacquered box.

The armor is constructed from riveted plates of 19 gauge (.8 mm) iron and quality black cotton lacing. Spot welding is also used on riveted pieces to ensure that the rivets do not loosen with time and use. Leather and Japanese brocade silk are also used for some components as well as decorative brass plates.

The Zunari style Kabuto helmet of riveted iron is suspension-lined with cotton and a thick braided cord with which to intricately knot the helmet around the chin. The brass maedate crest is removable. The separate mempo face mask has a moustache of goat hair; the nose and moustache can be removed.

The Do Torso armor is crafted in a dome-riveted fashion that was popular in the Sengoku period; its interior is lined with leather. The watagami shoulder straps are padded – the straps can be molded and fitted to shape to comfortably fit the natural curve of the wearers shoulders. The torso armor opens in a hinged clamshell-like manner and is closed with a tied knot. The hinge pin can be removed allow the armor to fit a larger chest – it can then be tied closed.

The kote sleeve and tekko hand armor are of Japanese silk lined on the inside with fabric. Iron plates are sewn onto the sleeve and interspersed with butted mail links. The haidate thigh guard is constructed in a similar manner, with a padded silk front, fabric backing and iron lamellar plates connected with cotton cord. Both the sode shoulder armor and suneate greaves are lined with fabric. A padded silk belt completes this suit of armor.

This armor will fit a person who is 5 to 6 feet tall with a chest size of between 38 – 46 inches. When displayed on the box with its stand the armor is about 5 feet tall (not including horns) – Assembly instructions are included. The display box doubles as a storage box and all the armor components and stand will fit within it for easy storage. Two padded bolsters of fabric are included and these are used to fill-out the sleeves to improve the display.

Full Suit Weighs Approximately 30 lbs
Will fit a person who is 5” – 6” tall with a 38” – 46” chest
Armor is about 5” tall when displayed on stand (not including horns)

Country of OriginChina

1 review for Samurai Armor Set – Yamamoto Kansuke Armor

  1. Nathan

    So the original goal was to buy a set of 1,000,000 to start an army of armoured warriors. However it takes 10 days for each set of armour to be made meaning i have to wait about 10 million days until i conquer the world, which is arounf 27,000 years which last time i checked the average life span of a human is 70 years old. But overall it is really well made and I tested it myself.

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