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Spartan Short Sword

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Although the spear was the primary weapon of the Spartan Hoplite, the sword was a close 2nd. Once the fighting got too close for spear use, the short thrusting sword would take over. This sword features a sharpened stainless steel blade with brass handle and includes a leather scabbard. This sword represents what the 300 Spartans would have really used at Thermopylae, not the fantasy design of the movie and graphic novel. A Kult Of Athena exclusive.

Overall Length19 3/4''
Blade Length14 1/2''
Weight1 lb 8.2 oz
EdgeSlightly Sharp
Width53.5 mm
Thickness3 mm
Grip Length3 7/8''
Blade [Stainless Steel]
Country of OriginChina

3 reviews for Spartan Short Sword

  1. E Rodriguez

    SPARTAN SHORT SWORD SW691 This sword looks good with the brass hilt. The sheath somewhat period looking. However, the 2 of 4 d rings were badly rusted. This sword is good for a wall display only. Too many imperfections, scratches and nicks. plus it was stamped in capital letters Pakistan. This was unacceptable for my use. Though it is “slightly sharp” the edge is burred considerably that it would need filing. Customer service explained that this is how it has always been manufactured after I explained all the issues with this weapon. They said this sword is fully functional. I would have agreed if there were no noticeable imperfections chips or mismatched grip and it was sharpened. I am giving this sword a 2 but the price was good for a display. Other items I have purchased from them in this similar price range are far better quality and function. I have been a customer of kult of Athena for the last 3 years and this is the first disappointment

  2. François

    Great value for the money I really like the looks of this sword. Its size and blunt blade make it quite safe for carriying on events. Althougt the sheath looks cool, it is very impractical due to the balance of this short blade. The hilt is almost heavier, causing the sword to turn upside down and fall out. I made my own scabbard so it stays in place.

  3. Gavin

    Great value for a low price Guard, pommel, grip solid brass, slightly off center, easily fixed. Blade beautiful, but rough edge. Belt sander fixed edge profile. Did minor tweaks to blade, grip to line up parts straight. Scabbard functional, not period. A fun piece as is or to improve. Worth price for grip alone .

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