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Dragon King – Spring Sakura Katana


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Vibrant and radiant, the beauty of the cherry blossoms is matched only by the short season of the blooms before they fall to the ground. In these blossoms the Samurai saw the idealized metaphor for the life of a samurai – a beautiful life and the envy of all at its height, but cut short at its apex he and his comrades would fall in battle, like the field-fallen blossoms on a chill twilight wind.

This Katana by Dragon King is the embodiment of Spring and the highlight of its season; the Sakura blossoms. This Katana manifests this motif with a highly detailed and well-formed cherry blossom tsuba matched with a red tsuka ito wrap. The blade is sharp and robust and well-worthy of battle – it is forged from 5160 high carbon steel with an edge hardness of 57 HRC and is designed to be well-suited to thorough cutting practice on soft and semi-hard targets without chipping the edge.

The habaki and seppa are silver and the tsuba is blackened stainless steel. The ito grip wrap is knotted over a wooden tsuka grip with inlaid genuine rayskin. The carved wood saya scabbard is coated in glossy black lacquer and finished with polished buffalo horn fittings and a sageo cord. A cloth sword bag is included.

Overall Length39 7/8''
Blade Length28''
Weight2 lb 7.7 oz
EdgeVery Sharp
Width31.1 mm
Thickness6.7 mm - 4 mm
P.O.B.5 1/4''
Grip Length10 1/8''
Blade [5160 High Carbon Steel]
ClassBattle Ready
ManufacturerDragon King
Country of OriginChina

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