The Tactical Ginunting is a robustly constructed sword built to dish out and withstand substantial punishment. The blade is crafted from tempered 1095 high carbon steel with a 57 HRc hardness and is well-capable of powerful cuts and deep slashes. The full-tang grip has scales of durable black linen micarta which are riveted and fused directly to the blade tang. Included is a tough sheath of leather with riveted construction and a slotted belt loop.

The Ginunting goes way back in history and to date is a favorite by the Philippines marines. They used this short and versatile weapon to win combats. Able to take away any body part it’s aimed at. The downward curving blade makes it the perfect tool/weapon for close encounters as well as going through thick jungles of the Philippines. Useful for clearing brush, cutting wood and is a great slaughtering tool for hunting. The handle is extremely comfortable for use, making it the most versatile Filipino weapon ever! In English “ginunting” means “cut out”, which is exactly what it does. It will cut through anything and everything which is why the Filipino warriors chose them.