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Talhoffer Sparring Buckler – 16 Gauge Steel

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This buckler is inspired by those used in Hans Talhoffers Fechtbuch fighting manuals of the 15th century. A German fencing master of Swabia, his ample illustrations cover a dizzying array of fighting stances and techniques with practically all the weapons and unarmed combat situations of the day. This buckler is a sparring-friendly version of his more spiky buckler, though it is no less capable in the defense. Its teardrop shape gives ample area to absorb and deflect the strikes of an opponent. Its ridged surface fluting and rim give it strength. It is made from 16 gauge steel and has a riveted steel twisted bar grip. The boss is raised 1 1/2 from the surface and the interior of the boss has been blackend. The steel has been darkened for an antiqued appearance.

Weight3 lb 4 oz
Dimensions20'' Tall x 12'' Wide
MaterialMild Steel
Country of OriginIndia

5 reviews for Talhoffer Sparring Buckler – 16 Gauge Steel

  1. Mick J.

    Talhoffer Sparring Buckler this is a great buckler. covers alot of area and is also easy to move around.

    i ended up heat bluing mine is it looks awesome

  2. Jeremiah

    Attention to detail When I received this buckler I noticed that the handle was a bit loose. Upon further inspection I found that they hadn’t taken the time to clean out the holes they had drilled for the rivets. There were bits of metal trapped used the handle that wouldn’t allow it to sit tight against the buckler. Fortunately I was able to clean up the holes without having to remove the handle. After re-peening the rivets the handle now sits tight. Other than that this is a great buckler. The metal is thick enough to take a good deal of punishment without losing its integrity. It’s a fun buckler to spar with. I just wish GDFB would have paid more attention during the manufacturing process.

  3. Vlad P.

    Weird handle, but good shape for rapier I bought this buckler at an SCA event while I was on my way to

  4. Vlad P.

    Weird handle, but great shape for rapier. ***My first review got cut off so let me try again***
    I’ve been using this buckler in SCA rapier fights, both in duels and melees. It has a great shape and perfect coverage for someone of my body type (5’10 and slim), but I’m not a fan of the handle. Having it bow out seems pointless and makes it harder to grip it well and keep it in place – a straight handle would have been better. The handle is also a lot heavier than it needs to be, which adds a lot of weight to the shield and makes it slower to maneuver around to catch a quick stab. But removing the handle and replacing it with something straighter and thinner should be an easy fix.

  5. Willis

    Decent! Good overall quality. It’s fairly sturdy, and while it will deform from only the heaviest of blows, it’s easy to repair. It’s also easy to re-hammer the rivets if you somehow manage to get the handle loose, but this will withstand punishment from lighter sparring swords fairly well.

    The handle is not too comfortable bare-handed, but who uses a buckler without a glove, which fixes the issue? All in all, a good buckler with a practical shape, weight, and size.

    On a side note, the top and bottom points of the buckler are actually quite sharp and would deliver a nasty strike. Be careful!

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