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Tod Cutler – 14th to 15th Century Twisted Medieval Rondel Dagger

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This burly Rondel dagger is based on an example from the Museum of London; this large dagger was clearly intended as a soldiers companion for field and campaign and its design places it comfortably in the twilight of the 14th century and the majority of the 15th. The single-edged blade is quite long and has a very thick spine which gives it excellent rigidity, durability and mass for delivering severe and conclusive punctures through the weaker points of an armored defense. The blade is thick enough that once it finds purchase in the small gaps of armor it can be reliably used as a lever to deform, break open and widen a gap in armor to further allow the dagger to be thrust into a target.

The large pommel rondel can capably fit into the palm of an armored hand to push or even hammer home the dagger into a target with a gauntleted fist. The hilt has rondels of wood surmounted by riveted brass plates; the barley twist style grip creates a hand-hold with a touch of eminently practical style. The blade and hilt are secured together with a durable peened pommel over a brass rosette washer. Paired with the dagger is a companion sheath of stitched, dual-layered vegetable tanned leather. Leather belt lacing ties and a brass chape finish the sheath and make it ready for Medieval campaign. The dagger comes from the manufacturer in a variety of colors, such as natural, undyed leather, red, black or brown.

Overall Length18 1/9"
Blade Length12 15/16"
Weight1 lb 4.5 oz
Width33.7 mm
Thickness10 mm - 3.7 mm
P.O.B.1  5/16''
Grip Length3  15/16''
Blade [EN45 High Carbon Steel]
ClassBattle Ready
ManufacturerTod Cutler
Country of OriginUK

1 review for Tod Cutler – 14th to 15th Century Twisted Medieval Rondel Dagger

  1. alientude

    Beautiful rondel dagger that is clearly inspired by the originals – too many reproductions don’t take into account just how big and thick these types of daggers were! Solidly constructed and overall a very good dagger.

    I did a review on YouTube with more information:

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