The Brighton is a premium quality Craftsman Series sword from Valiant Armoury which is made entirely in the USA and it comes in a complete package with an excellent quality scabbard, suspension and sword belt.The Brighton is one of the most nimble and responsive single-handed medieval swords available on the market and though light and easy to wield its high quality cut-and-thrust blade give it excellent practical cutting and piercing ability. This is a fine sword for a smaller or younger person, or for someone who desires a riding sword with supremely nimble handling characteristics which can strike, pivot and point with ease.

The blade is fashioned from 6150 high carbon steel and well-tempered. It is mounted and anchored into the hilt with a durable and permanent hot-peen assembly. The guard and pommel are steel and the well-contoured grip is wood which is bound in dark green leather.

The premium scabbard is crafted from wood which is tightly wrapped in dark green leather binding which is lavishly embossed with filigree detailing. The chape is stainless steel and the etched bands with matching decor are of steel. Fitted to these bands are two buckled hangers of leather and the buckles are antiqued metal with steel tongues. The sword comes with a sword belt which can be adjusted with its buckle and like the scabbard this high quality leather belt is thoroughly embossed with filigree decor.

The sword belt and scabbard hangers are arranged to allow for the sword to be worn at an angle or vertical depending upon preference. A third hanger band even allows for more angling and placement options when worn at an angle.