The Harwich Sword from Valiant Armoury’s Craftsman Collection is entirely made in the USA and is a premium quality battle-ready sword matched with an equally immaculate matched scabbard and it would make a fine arming sword and everyday sidearm for a knight. The sword is responsive and well balanced and well suited for both the cut and thrust. The sharp-edged blade is 6150 high carbon steel which was heat-treated to a final 52 HRc hardness. The steel itself was twice-homogenized to ensure an even spread of internal carbon for optimized heat-treatment results and interior steel grain structure.

The crossguard and pommel are steel and the blade is mounted into the hilt with a durable and robust hot-peen assembly. The grip is made from stabilized wood and bound in quality leather. Included with the sword is matched premium scabbard of wood which is overlaid in fine leather and completed with metal fittings and an adjustable sword belt of thick leather for wear.