Valiant Armoury’s Irish Medieval War Sword is an impressively powerful sword capable of sweeping cuts whilst remaining agile and responsive despite its large and broad cutting blade. The sword is part of Valiant’s Craftsman Series and was entirely made in the USA. The blade is 6150 high carbon steel which was normalized twice over to refine its internal steel grain structure and to homogenize carbon content for optimal tempering results. The blade has a final hardness of 52 HRc and is finished with appleseed edge geometry to strike a fine balance between sharpness and edge resilience.

The crossguard and pommel are of satin-polished steel and the grip is hardwood which is tightly bound in quality leather. The blade tang is hot-peened over a peen block on the pommel for a robust hilt assembly. The sword is matched with a wooden scabbard which is tightly bound high quality vegetable tanned leather and fitted with a stainless steel chape. The sword comes with a sword belt of thick leather with an adjustable antiqued metal buckle with a steel tongue. The scabbard is attached to the sword belt with the included sword hangers on the belt and in the integrated leather hangers on the scabbard and the height and angle the scabbard hangs at can be adjusted with its pair of antiqued buckles.