The Valor by Valiant Armoury is a finely balanced cut-and-thrust longsword that is as efficient in cutting as it is elegant in form. It is from Valiant’s Craftsman Series and is entirely made in the USA; the blade is 6150 high carbon steel which was normalized twice-over to refine the internal grain pattern of the steel to improve its quality and to also optimize heat treatment by uniformly distributing the carbon content of the steel. The blade has a final tempered hardness of 52 HRc and was completed with a fine satin blade polish and a sharp edge with appleseed edge geometry to give it a fine balance in sharpness and edge retention and durability.

The guard and pommel crafted from steel which was cast from waxes for accuracy; the grip is wood which is tightly bound in quality top grain leather. The blade was mounted into the hilt with a hot-peen assembly at the pommel for a robust and long-lasting overall construction. The sword is paired with a premium quality wood-core scabbard which is masterfully overlaid with top grain leather with intricately embossed detailing. The scabbard hangers and included sword belt are of embossed black leather and the height and angle from which the sword hangs from the belt can be adjusted to preference with the antiqued metal buckles. The sword belt itself is adjustable to waist size with its own antiqued buckle.