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Windlass Battlecry! – Soldier’s Buckler – 20 Gauge Steel

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The Windlass Battlecry Soldiers Buckler is crafted from 1065 high carbon steel that has been tempered to a 50-52 overall hardness. The main disc-like body of the shield is 20 gauge in thickness. The buckler has been treated with the Battlecry Line antiqued bluing – a finish that gives it a battle-worn appearance and a degree of rust-resistance. The buckler has both riveted and screwed construction. The grip crossbar is fitted with riveted halves of wood for an improved grip.

Easily portable and surprisingly good at deflecting oncoming attacks, the buckler was a favorite piece of equipment for medieval bowmen and crossbowmen, as well as duelists, and travelers concerned with personal defense. A small size insured affordability, as well as being small enough that it could be hung from the belt – ideal for missile-armed troops who would appreciate such a defensive measure should the opponent close the distance. It was also a fitting accoutrement to polearm soldiery, who could drop their more cumbersome weapon for a shorter sidearm and a buckler should their weapon be broken or the battle-line descend in a close-in melee that would disadvantage weapons of too great a length.

For skilled fighters, the buckler was not merely for defense, but could be made into a deceptive weapon itself. A bash to the face could daze a surprised foe and a punch-like strike made with the rim could easily fracture a jaw.

Weight2 lb 4.9 oz
Dimensions12'' x 12''
ManufacturerWindlass Steelcrafts
Country of OriginIndia

2 reviews for Windlass Battlecry! – Soldier’s Buckler – 20 Gauge Steel

  1. Lt. M.

    Good Buckler Great price for a sword-tempered buckler. Nice weight & feel. Redirects blows easily and is of an effective size, not being too large or too small. Of course that is a matter of preference. The steel is of good thickness and will certainly be more sturdy and hold up longer than its mild steel counterparts despite being thinner as the steel is much tougher and will flex back if bent. The fit and finish is done well, there is some imperfections/hammer marks and such like, nothing that can’t be seen in the pictures. I really enjoy that in a buckler personally, and see such things as a testament to its hand-made nature. The antiqued bluing is nice, it looks better in person I think, not at all like an appliqué. The handle is again of good size and constructed well, same with the riveting and whatnot. This is a very nice item from Windlass if you’re looking for a carbon steel sword-tempered buckler as a mass produced item, as I haven’t been able to find any others aside from having one made for me for a higher price and a wait time. I also had the pleasure of receiving excellent service from Kult of Athena. I ordered in to Canada and received my item in four business days and my shipping time was quoted to be 4-7. I will definitely be ordering from KoA again, it was a pleasure.

  2. Kristen A.

    Problematic We bought these as a pair of club bucklers for HEMA and have had some issues. There are bolts beneath the handle where it attaches that became loose almost immediately and they are a little difficult to tighten. The biggest problem though is that the bucklers bent and deformed rather easily. It’s possible we got a pair that weren’t tempered as well or properly, but our single-handed swords (2-2.5 pounds, made for HEMA and not heavy armored stuff) took great big gouges out of the steel and dents on the dome and face. They haven’t fallen apart and the light weight was one of the pluses, but it takes some maintenance to keep everything the right shape and just to make sure they don’t become dangerous with burrs on the edges from hits.

    Assuming we didn’t get anything on the softer temper side, I definitely couldn’t recommend this for anything heavy. Really the ones we have I’d only deem suitable for drilling if we didn’t have someone who could repair them regularly.

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