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WWII Commando Smatchet


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The psychological reaction of any man, when he first takes the smatchet in his hand is full justification for its recommendation as a fighting weapon. He will immediately register all the essential qualities of good soldier – confidence, determination, and aggressiveness. Its balance, weight and killing power, with the point, edge or pommel, combined with the extremely simple training necessary to become efficient in its use, make it the ideal personal weapon for all those not armed with a rifle and bayonet. – Capt. William E. Fairbairn

The Smatchet is one of the largest 20th century fighting knives, large enough that it is sometimes qualified as a short sword! Designed by military close-combat expert William E. Fairbairn, the Smatchet is purported to have been influenced by the trench swords used by the Royal Welch Fusiliers in WWI – who used a leaf-bladed short sword to great success in trench raids in the days before the battle of Messines. The Smatchet seems to be part bolo, part machete and part short, leaf-bladed sword . Like leaf-bladed swords, it chops and hacks with devastating ability due to its exaggerated mass along its striking edge. It also causes woefully wide wounds when thrust into the foe, as the tip quickly widens due to its low-tapered blade profile. The thick, heavy pommel is a capable weapon in itself, able to put down a man in a wild melee when time or space prevents turning the blade around.

Used by British and American Special Forces in World War II, the Smatchet made a good account of itself in the raids into Nazi-held Norway, where the big blade terrorized the Germans in the close-in house-to-house fighting and street raiding. The burly smatchet had an advantage over the smaller knives used by the foe and the psychological effect of the big knife gave as much confidence to its wielder as it sapped from the man facing it.

This Smatchet has a sharp blade of high carbon steel that is fully sharpened on one edge and half sharpened on the other. The blade is finished with a dull black finish and the guard is of steel. The thick, tang-sandwiching grip is of wood riveted to the tang with a thick steel pommel to cap it. A hole is drilled through the pommel to allow for a lanyard. Comes with a wood-core sheath covered in black leather with a retaining strap and button.

Overall Length16 3/4''
Blade Length11''
Weight1 lb 8.7 oz
Width43.3 mm - 67.2 mm
Thickness4.1 mm - 2.7 mm
Grip Length4 7/8''
ClassBattle Ready
ManufacturerWindlass Steelcrafts
Country of OriginIndia


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