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Braided Jute Cord Sling - LB25360

Braided Jute Cord Sling

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This sling is crafted from woven and braided jute cord and its sling pocket is sized to accommodate the hurling of large stones or clay projectiles. Ammunition that can be used with this sling is not included. You can use carefully chosen stones with this sling and rounded river stones are the preferred type. You can also make your own from clay and though this may be more effort than simply finding stones, you can achieve greater uniformity in the size and weight of your projectiles by making them from clay.

Though perhaps the most humble of weapons, the simple sling is quite powerful in skilled hands. Writers in the classical world lauded good slingers for having some of the longest range projectiles on a battlefield. The shot from a sling could hit with surprising force and some stone and clay shot could be surprisingly large and strike a debilitating or lethal blow to even a well-armored man. Ancient soldiers often both detested and feared enemy slingers because the slingshot was often very difficult to see in flight.

The sling is famously featured in the tale of David and Goliath and this story echoes in later history during Caesar’s Civil War. When Caesar’s Legions faced the 64 charging war elephants of Pompey’s ally, the Numidian King Juba, Caesar’s slingers showered the trumpeting elephants with sling shot which both frightened the leading animals and killed some of the mahout handlers. In a panic to escape and beyond control, the elephants turned tail, stampeding their bulk through Juba’s own army and inciting mass pandemonium in Juba’s ranks.

Overall Length: 62''
Length of Sling ''Pocket'': 3 1/4''
Approximate Circumference of Sling ''Pocket'': 6 1/4''

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