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Holiday Shipping Guidelines

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As you shop for the holidays, we want to set your expectations so that we don’t disappoint. The long and short; if you place a “simple” order with us on December 14th, we will get it out the door in time for the last carrier “cut-off” for delivery on the 24th. But once it leaves our door, we can’t guarantee what the carrier does.

There is a lot more detail below, including the Fedex and USPS guidelines.

I added sharpening – does the 14th still make sense?

Sorry, it doesn’t. Our normal policies state that it takes an additional 3 to five business days for us to prepare a sharpened item. So that’s the 9th to the 11th.

Can I pay for express processing?

Sorry, not between the 10th of December and 17th. It’s first come, first served. You can add express processing beginning the 18th. Contact

Can I pay for express shipping?

Yes – contact after you place an order.

My order has items that are in-stock and ready to ship, as well as usually ships items. Can I ask for a split ship so that some things arrive earlier.

Yes – contact and we will recalculate shipping costs for you.

I live in Illinois (near Kult of Athena). Will it ship to me faster?

Normally – the carrier will deliver it faster. We will take the same time to process. The same goes for states near Illinois. The closer you live, the faster it nornally gets there. However, the carrier’s say that their dates apply to all orders. Again, that part isn’t under our control.

What about pick-up at the warehouse? Is that faster?

Pick up at the warehouse is still ready 3-5 days after placing an order. After the 17th, you can pay for express processing and pick up your item the day after you place an order – with two exceptions. If you place an order on Sunday the 18th, you won’t be able to pick it up until Tuesday the 20th – if you pay for express processing.

My order didn’t arrive by the 25th, and I followed your guidelines. Can we get a refund?

Our normal return policy applies; you will need to pay for return shipping and our cancellation fee.

Are you shipping internationally?

Yes, but we cannot provide any guidelines on these orders because shipping swords overseas is unpredictable.

Amazon does it in a few hours. Why don’t you?

Well, we’re not Amazon. And beyond the obvious 3 shift a day, artificial intelligence, and other technology that a small business can’t afford, we CARE what you receive; the right item in the condition that is described, and delivered in a safe way.

We stand by our commitment to ship in-stock orders within 3 to 5 business days. Orders that include sharpening still require 7 to 10 days to be sharpened, packed and ready-to-ship. We will be working overtime during the holiday season to ship as many orders as possible, as quickly as possible, mindful of shipping sharp objects safely. We have also scheduled extra pick-ups during the weekend to keep packages moving.

The second factor is the carrier’s processing and delivery time: Once the service is selected and the package is picked up, we all rely on the carriers to deliver your orders.

FedEx and USPS have provided the following shipping guidelines for on-time delivery in the contiguous United States.

For regular ground shipping, Fedex recommends a pick-up date of 12/14.

The USPS recommends a pick-up date of 12/17.

We highly recommend ordering by 12/14 if you would like our commitment to getting your order (of an in-stock item that does not include added services – like sharpening) to you by the 24th.

Full FedEx guidelines are listed here in detail.

Full USPS guidelines are listed here in detail.

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