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10th Century Norwegian Viking Sword

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This 10th Century Norwegian Viking Sword is based on an original that is part of the collection of the National Museum of Denmark in Copenhagen. It has a broad, fullered blade that is forged from EN45 high carbon steel; the crossguard and three-lobed pommel are crafted from steel and the wooden grip is tightly bound in leather.

The wooden scabbard is overlaid in leather and completed with a steel chape and a wooden suspension loop.

Overall Length38 3/16''
Blade Length31''
Weight3 lb 9.6 oz
Width56.1 mm
Thickness4.7 mm - 4.2 mm
P.O.B.5 7/16''
Grip Length4 3/8''
Blade [EN45 High Carbon Steel]
ClassBattle Ready
Country of OriginIndia

1 review for 10th Century Norwegian Viking Sword

  1. Devin

    Viking sword Overall, this is not a bad sword. I do have a few criticisms

    1) The assembly is a bit sloppy. The pommel, guard, and blade are off from each other by a bit. However, this does not significantly affect my ability to index the blade. I would advise taking a bit more time in the assembly process.

    2) The grip and pommel are a bit too large when compared to historical examples. For me, this is just a nitpick

    3) There appears to be a small, yet noticeable, warp in the tang. While not significantly detrimental, it does look a bit sloppy and makes me question the overall integrity of the sword.

    Now for the things I like.

    1) The scabbard is very nice. I am quite a fan of the simple, rugged construction.

    2) The edge is of a good sharpness. I can put a bit better of an edge on it, but the standard edge isn’t bad.

    Though I have heard some negative feedback about swords from Deepeeka, as well as experienced firsthand some of their lower quality products, I am happy with this sword. Perhaps with a few minor adjustments to the design, and some better quality control, this model could easily be a very impressive and formidable sword. I hope that my feedback reaches the company and that they can reflect upon my comments.

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