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Deepeeka creates an astonishing variety of replica weapons, armor, and re-enactment accessories that range from Classical Antiquity to the 20th Century. Deepeeka has been crafting replicas since the 1980s and their products are essential gear for many re-enactment groups. Many swords, daggers and other weapons made by Deepeeka are durably crafted and budget-friendly offerings. The steel is good and well-tempered and their leathercraft and woodworking are of excellent quality. Deepeeka’s products are handcrafted and (in the case of blades, hand-hammered) are a good deal for those who want a quality item at a good price.

Kult of Athena is the US distributor for Deepeeka products and we offer the largest in-stock selection you will find and we will beat any price you can find. If you are searching for a particular item or find a Deepeeka item listed elsewhere that is not seen on our site let us know and if it is available we can source it for you at a better price than seen elsewhere.

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