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14th Century Da Carrara Beast Warhammer

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This ghoulish, Gothic-styled warhammer has a bestial head of brass with pronged hammer and spike of high carbon steel. The hammer-head is stoutly pinned to a haft of carved and stained wood and capped on the end with a brass fitting.

This unique warhammer, which is based on an Italian example, has a gargoyle-like head that is heavily influenced by the Gothic style popular in medieval Europe. The chimerical monster, which looks like it could have been pulled from the darker musings of Hieronymous Bosch, can back up its appearance with the crushing power of a pronged, armor-smashing hammer head and a tail spike with which can puncture even the finest of armors with a solid blow.

Weighty, knightly hammers such as this were purpose-designed to make a mockery of armor in ways that a sword never could. Even without its armor-puncturing angles it could still deal great concussive force with the substantial weight of its head alone.

2 reviews for 14th Century Da Carrara Beast Warhammer

  1. wsfscsh384 (verified owner)

    Wow, I just got this warhammer unwrapped and I am impressed! This is one that definately hits the mark square on the head. For me the weight and balance is great. I love the details from one end to the other.

  2. Akrzywonos (verified owner)

    Very impressed. Has a great weight and feel to it and it’s very sturdy.

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