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Lord of Battles – 14th Century Kettle Helm – 14 Gauge

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A utilitarian helm, the Kettle hat was typically worn by medieval infantrymen and was common throughout all Europe. It was known as the Eisenhut in German and the Chapal de Fer in French – They both mean iron hat.

Fairly simple to create, the Kettle hat was already being mass produced in England around 1011 – more than half a century before the Norman Invasion. Both sight and hearing are unobstructed by this helmet, leaving the infantrymans senses sharp so that he may better respond to mass orders and organization. The wide brim is excellent at deflecting attacks coming from on high, and could foil a strike from the weapon of a horseman. These helmets were excellent in sieges, for arrows coming from above were deflected by the helmet brim. Just a slight downward tilt of the chin and helmet when trouble is sighted is all that is needed for most of the wearers head area to become a projectile deflection shield. As an added bonus, it gives the fighting man a bit of shade.

This helm is made from 14 gauge steel with riveted and welded construction. The interior of the helm has been blackened and is lined with an integrated leather suspension that with a leather tie so that it can be adjusted to fit. A buckled, integrated leather chin strap keeps the helm securely on the head.

Weight5 lb 13 oz
Gauge [14 Gauge]
TypeKettle Helm
MaterialMild Steel
ManufacturerLord Of Battles
Country of OriginIndia

2 reviews for Lord of Battles – 14th Century Kettle Helm – 14 Gauge

  1. Scott C.

    More Than I Expected. I was skeptical to get a helmet because I have a large head, US Size 7 3/4. I bought this helmet under the assumption if it does not fit, it won’t be too large of a financial loss.
    I ordered this in large. After I adjusted the leather liner, it almost fit perfectly. I put on my head cover, and my mail coif, and it was a proper fit.
    I’m impressed with how well it adjusts, the quality of the leather, and how solid it is constructed. The welds and the rivets are clean looking.
    This purchase was much more pleasant than expected.

  2. Cole H.

    Great budget helmet I have owned quite a few helmets but this one is easily the best. Firstly, the metal thickness is great. Most helmets this price would be 16g or 18g. The helmet is also extremely solid as I’ve sparred in it multiple times. I was also surprised with how effective the brim of the helmet was at deflecting blows away from my face. Also, it’s a kettle helmet and they are some of the best looking helmets out there.
    Can’t name any negatives on this helmet.

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