This Arming Sword with its acute tip and a diamond cross-section is typical of Arming Swords used by knights and professional men-at-arms of the 15th century. Though the sword is quite adept at thrusting into the weak points of an armored defense, the cut-and-thrust blade form retains enough meat in the cutting portion to ensure it can slash and hack with admirable capability.

This sword is one of Kingston Arms Atrim line which is a line of production swords designed with the oversight and input of Angus Trim. These are performance swords built with an emphasis on balance, weight, distal taper and blade harmonics. The focus on these attributes combine to create a sword with performance cutting ability whilst remaining an agile and responsive sword.

The blade is forged from 9260 high carbon steel; the crossguard and pommel are antiqued stainless steel. The grip is cord-wrapped wood which is overlaid in leather. The blade tang is peened over the pommel for an overall solid hilt construction.

The wood-core scabbard is bound in leather and completed with a protective steel chape.