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15th Century Milanese Plate Armor


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Helmets -

Milanese Helm - 16 Gauge Steel$159.99

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North Italian Sallet - 18 Gauge Steel$127.95

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Torso -

Milanese Plate Cuirass and Tassets - 16 Gauge Steel - Lord of Battles $269.99

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Gorgets -

Steel Gorget with Articulated Collar $124.99

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Gorget with Bevor - 16 Gauge Steel $69.99

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Shoulders -

Late Medieval Pauldrons – 16 Gauge Steel $159.99

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Milanese Shoulders$118.95

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Arms -

Milanese Arms$184.95

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Gauntlets -

Milanese Mitten Gauntlets$128.95

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Milanese Clamshell Gauntlets $119.99

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Legs -

Milanese Upper Legs$228.95

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Italian Milanese Style Leg Armor - Cuisse and Poleyn $159.99

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Leg Armor Set / Cuisse and Poleyn - 16 Gauge Steel$168.99

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Greaves -

Italian Greaves$84.99

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