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16th Century Burgonet with Falling Buffe Visor

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The Burgonet was an elegant, protective design that does not greatly hinder the movement of the head or the senses of its wearer, at least in its open-faced form. The Burgonet, like much of the Renaissance itself, was inspired by the Classical World. From the helmets of antiquity it inherited a simple bowl design with a comb and brow visor, along with protection for the back of the neck.

The Burgonet was popular throughout Europe, and could be found on the heads of both infantry and cavalry. The Burgonet not only was widespread geographically, but also widespread in the social hierarchy – many plain, utilitarian helms were made for soldiers, whilst elaborately crafted Burgonets were made for the aristocracy and royalty. Some were so embellished that they were effective only for ceremonial wear. The Burgonet could be found on the likes of Swiss Halberdiers, Hussar Cavalrymen, Lancers, Border Reivers and, in a modified form, on the Winged Hussars.

The notably tall, morion-like crest on the Burgonet gave excellent protection from downward blows, and the large visor gave good protection to the face, as well as some shielding from the sun. Additional protection to the face could be added with a Falling Buffe visor. Unlike most visors which are lowered to the brow when extra protection is desired, the Falling Buffe is raised vertically to protect much of the face.

By the mid-17th century the Burgonet had fallen out of favor among infantry and light cavalry to the Morion and Cabasset style helms, though it continued in a robust form as a heavy cavalry helmet.

This Burgonet with Falling Buffe visor is crafted from 18 gauge steel. It has brass accent plates and brass studs on the visor. The cheek pieces are hinged. It comes with a Falling Buffe visor of 18 gauge steel with brass accent plates. It is secured to the back of the Burgonet via a leather strap and metal buckle. The interior of the burgonet and visor are blackened. Comes with a simple, padded cap for internal wear.

Weight5 lb 11.8 oz
Gauge [18 Gauge]
MaterialMild Steel
Country of OriginIndia


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