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1860 Light Cavalry Union Saber

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The 1860 Light Cavalry Saber was a copy of an earlier French issue saber and was manufactured in the North and in Europe for the Union forces.

Features a tempered carbon steel blade, solid brass guard & pommel, and a wood grip wrapped in leather and brass wire. Includes a steel scabbard with hanging rings.

Overall Length39 1/2''
Blade Length33 5/8''
Weight1 lb 14.5 oz
Width28 mm
Thickness4.2 mm - 3.6 mm
P.O.B.7 1/4''
Grip Length4''
ClassBattle Ready
ManufacturerWindlass Steelcrafts
Country of OriginIndia

1 review for 1860 Light Cavalry Union Saber

  1. M. H.

    Great Value This is an extremely affordable, pretty, and functional cutter. For close to $100 you get a cool piece of history that is well executed. It handles well and cuts even better. The brass guard and metal scabbard both look gorgeous. It looks and feels very much like a real antique Union Light Cavalry saber.

    The only problems I had with the sword are easily fixed.
    There wasn’t any retention in the scabbard. I gorilla glued a small piece of leather to the inside of the scabbard and it pinches down on the flat near the strong of the blade to hold it in place. It was an easy fix and it holds even when upside down. It also prevents metal on blade contact when drawing the blade.

    The next problem was with the small piece of cloth that is placed on the hilt to prevent contact with the scabbard when the blade is sheathed. It is loose and can easily slide down the blade. Antique sabers usually have a piece of cork but I substituted leather as a replacement for the cloth.

    The last thing isn’t really a problem. The wire on the grip tends to dig in to your hands. I have callused hands and I can handle the sword comfortably but some may wish to use gloves to protect the palms. I find the wire useful in maintaining a good hold.

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