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APOC Survival Katana – Designed by Angus Trim

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The A.P.O.C. Katana is an all-business tactical Katana designed for maximum usability, practicality and lethality. Designed by renowned swordsmith Angus Trim, the clean lines of this katana emphasize decisive cutting coupled with robust construction; the spine of the blade is thick and strong and in profile the blade has an elongated, chisel-like geometry designed to give it a long cutting plane – this is a blade built to cut, hack, stab and slice with authority. The blade is constructed from 9260 high carbon steel and is finished with a Black Oxide coating to minimize maintenance and maximize stealth.

The thickened tang is very wide for optimum hilt durability; the grip scale slabs are both simple and sturdy G10 Fiberglass laminate which is triple anchored into the tang. The grip design is flush with the tang and has no notable hard edges so as to prevent blisters and lesions on the hands from extended field use. A hooked notch at the base of the blade prevents the hands from sliding onto the blade during a strike. A pre-drilled lanyard hole accommodates your own lanyard or hanging loop.

The sword comes with a tactical sheath of fiberglass with MOLLE system-compatible hanging slots. Two knobs in the sheath lock onto matching indents on the the sword to secure it into the scabbard when sheathed.

Overall Length36 5/8''
Blade Length25 1/2''
Weight2 lb 6.5 oz
Width47.2 mm - 29.4 mm
Thickness5.6 mm - 3.9 mm
Grip Length10 3/8''
Blade [9260 High Carbon Steel]
ClassBattle Ready
Country of OriginChina

4 reviews for APOC Survival Katana – Designed by Angus Trim

  1. Raiden

    A tough as nails sword, scabbard could be better The sword itself feels great in the hand, especially with the noticeable distal taper. The blade is fairly rigid but can flex if forced. The blade is monotempered 9260 spring steel and is about as tough as it gets for affordable swords unless you want to include S7 shock steel running you thousands of dollars. This leaves 1060, 1080, 95, 5160, etc. in the dust since it was expertly heat treated. The edge is tough as hell itself and the sword’s G10 handles are cool to the touch and provide excellent grip. Hard to describe it to those who haven’t held it but the handle is extremely comfortable. There are bolsters on the sides of the handle to lock into the scabbards recessed slots. Good thing too, because the scabbard rattles like nobody’s business. Still the retention feature is nice and the sword won’t come out without a good push so no worries on it sliding out. The finish does seem to come off (not so easily) but I’ve had it for about half a year now and there are 2 very small streaks (largely unnoticeable) after numerous episodes of sheathing and resheathing. Regardless, I kinda want to take the finish off and give it a satin finish just to get the look of the beautiful steel underneath the coating. I’ll go that route once more of the finish naturally rubs off using some good ol vinegar. The sword (I didn’t order it from KoA) came decently sharp (enough to cut paper without trouble) but definitely not razor sharp. For 144 bucks, you can’t go wrong and this sword is likely tougher than any you may already own.

  2. Kyle Lombardi

    Just got it The sword was delivered in less than a week and it feels durable as hell, the scabbard doesnt rattle for me and its a tight fit, one of the bolts at the bottom of the handle sticks out but the rest are flush and I dont perceive it to be a problem. I wouldnt describe the edge as sharp, I will have to sharpen it by hand but this sword does seem like its worth the purchase

  3. Matt Hewett

    This sword is a must have if you want something that’s no frills like a shirasaya, but with more durable fittings than a shirasaya. As previously noted in other reviews, this is a well balanced and lightweight sword, special thanks to Angus Trim’s design with the distal taper. The through-hardened 9260 blade is tough as nails, and at it’s price point would be an excellent choice if you’re just getting into collecting and practicing swords. It isn’t too beautiful that you’ll despair if the blade gets dinged or marred, because it wasn’t made to be pretty, and rather simply made to be FUNCTIONAL, and that’s exactly what it does.
    The hilt panels look like they will be slippery or smooth but that is not the case, and definitely a good thing! The hilt components are made of some kind of ballistic plastic not too dissimilar to a Glock handgun. It’s got a kind of smooth texturing that’s hard to describe and just needs to be experienced. Just note that I had no problems wielding this out in the swampy, Texas bayou heat with sweaty hands while clearing out brush to make a good firing lane for target practice.

    This sword is an easy 10/10.

  4. Benjamin Agapas

    This sword is made of very reliable 9260 spring steel, which is a literal steal for how cheap this sword runs. My only gripe is that the black oxide coating isn’t the most durable and comes off pretty easily, especially of you draw it blade-up. The sword handles very well, and despite being labeled as having a thick blade, it is remarkably light, far lighter than the dōtanuki style blades that most durable katanas use, yet it’s high quality steel allows a thinner profile while still retaining durability.

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