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Absolute Force Basic HEMA Mask

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This HEMA sparring mask is CE 350 N Certified. The mask is composed of a black steel grill with a padded cloth neck guard. The interior is of padded nylon and is designed to tightly fit the face. The interior padding is riveted to the mask to ensure that it stays securely in place. The mask is securely fitted to the head with a wide velcro strap and a bendable leather-covered steel backstop that fits against the back of the head.


To check your size for the helmet take a soft tape measure and wrap it around your chin and the top of your head – the tape should pass on top of the ears on both sides. That face circumference will determine what helmet may fit you best.

2 reviews for Absolute Force Basic HEMA Mask

  1. Jeffrey M.

    Looks pretty good I’ve only used it a hand full of times so far, but it works really well against the Cold Steel Hand and a half training swords. MAKE SURE TO MEASURE YOUR HEAD BEFORE ORDERING! I’m a bit smaller than normal, but I ended up getting a large based on the recommended size and I am really glad I did. The large slides just a little bit on my head but not enough to obstruct vision or come off. My friend got the medium and it is to small for my head.

  2. K H.

    First fencing helmet This is my first helmet but it fits great. As jeffrey M said, be sure to measure your head before ordering. I would have assumed I was a small but am a medium. Protects the face and head very well. The sides of the and back of the neck do get hit however. Great helmet though. It’s holding up well.

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