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Absolute Force – Deluxe HEMA Sparring Gloves

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This pair of HEMA sparring gloves give protection for most of the hand and the wrists – the palms are left uncovered so as to not hinder the gripping of a weapon. These gloves have an exterior of black leather and an interior of nylon. Thick, firm protective foam provides the padding for these gloves. The fingers fit into four leather slots and a strap fits across the palm to keep the glove in place and to allow the glove to move and grip with the hand. The gloves can be laced to the wrist for further reinforcement.

2 reviews for Absolute Force – Deluxe HEMA Sparring Gloves

  1. Austin G.

    Exceeded expectations These gloves are VERY protective, with overlapping hard plates. A little bulky, but better protection than lacrosse gloves. Very comfortable interior, feels like silk or some similar fabric. Unless you’re over 6 ft tall I’d recommend getting the mediums, as they’re plenty big. The reason I’m rating 4 stars is the fact that they are a little bulky, so you can’t hold swords with basket hilts or any sort of evolved handguard. Still skinny enough to hold a Gladius, arming sword, etc. (so not too bulky, just too bulky for Renaissance era swords). When you get the gloves be sure to play with them for a few hours to break them in. A great buy, check prices before you decide

  2. Val

    I got mine from purpleheart armory but they have been discontinued on that site. these gloves started well but they hinder grip changes and general fluidity of movement with a defer. The thumbs of my set have ripped out within six or seven weekend practices that last for two to two and a half hours. I originally got them as cheap starter gloves but at this point i wouldnt reccomend starters to try these and instead go for a better pair right off the bat.

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