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Ádám Bodorics – Bauernwehr with Purpleheart Grip and Wood-Core Scabbard


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One in a series of 5 special projects created by Ádám Bodorics for Kult of Athena.

This very unique Bauernwehr feels as elegant in the hand as it looks – care was clearly taken to give this large-bladed dagger a fine and appreciable balance that feels responsive and natural. The matching of finely polished purpleheart with a handcrafted brass guard and nagel, as well as a hand-inscribed wood-core scabbard by András Mezősi with matching handworked brass gives this piece a grand amount of character. If you wanted something both beautiful and unique to dignify your ensemble at any event this may well do the trick. Included is a signed Certificate from bladesmith and artisan Ádám Bodorics which details his thought process when creating this piece. Read on to see his thoughts for this dagger in his own words:

“This unique Bauernwehr was a personal project for exploring some aesthetic ideas. The blade started out as a standard Landsknecht Emporium large Bauernwehr, but I modified it a bit witha double clip point and put on a way higher finish than what we normally do. Both the bolsters and the Nagel were ground from brass and both are decorated with a good amount of

The grip slabs are of purpleheart – while this wood would be technically available in the 16th century, I’m not aware of any proof of its use on surviving pieces – secured with tubular rivets and gluingThis means that the piece is, strictly speaking, a fantasy piece with a lot of historical inspiration behind it.

The scabbard is an actual scabbard with a wooden core, linen wrap, and leather cover, the latter being extensively decorated with motifs inspired by some carved wooden panels from the 15-16th centuries. It
has both a mouth and a chape, both made from brass. There’s a pair of short brass tube sections on the back of the mouth for a leather tong for vertical carry on the narrow belt.”

– Ádám Bodorics

Overall Length17"
Blade Length11 3/4"
Weight6150 High Carbon Steel
Width37.6 mm - 40 mm
Thickness5.7 mm - 2.9 mm
Grip Length4 1/2"
ManufacturerÁdám Bodorics
Country of OriginHungary


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