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Ádám Bodorics

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Ádám Bodorics is a artisan from Landsknecht Emporium who also creates his own separate swords, daggers and other pieces. He takes great care not only in the craftsmanship of the pieces, but strives to give them a great balance and practical useability. He does a great deal of research for many of his pieces and his scholarly take when combined with his handworked craftsmanship creates pieces of unique character. Many of these pieces from him also come with scabbards or sheaths which are often crafted by fellow Landsknecht Emporium craftsman András Mezősi . As artisanal pieces quantity is limited, but when we have some you can find them here. Below you can read more about bladesmith Adam Bodorics in his own words:

“I started trying to make bladed tools and weapons when I was about 11, and just didn’t stop. Beyond grinding most of Landsknecht Emporium’s blades during regular work hours, I started making more and more custom and unique pieces in my free time. Right now my personal business serves as an outlet for these projects and for the occasional custom order the main company couldn’t fit into a sane schedule. I’m mainly focused on Messers and related pieces, slowly working my way up to tackling a Sumersperger-inspired piece or a dozen. One of my main aspirations is to get good enough to be able to create pieces in the Mannerist style.” – Ádám Bodorics

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