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Aegishjalmur Pendant

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Cast in intricate pewter, this Norse Aegishjalmur stave run is set within an enamel of a smoky amber. It leather cord is laced through twin dragon heads and its reverse features elaborate knotwork inscription.

The Aegishjalmur – The Helm of Awe; a runic stave symbol of the Norse which brought protection to its bearer and terror and ruination to foes. A totem of defensive magic it warded the physical strikes of the foe and brought fortitude the mind. Icelandic sources mention warriors carrying amulets or tokens of lead cast with the Aegishjalmur who, before entering into battle or duel, would firmly press the Aegishjalmur to their forehead to mark it upon their brow and thus bestow its protections.

Made by Alchemy Gothic in the UK from lead-free pewter. The leather cord is included.

Dimensions1 1/2'' x 1 3/8''
ManufacturerAlchemy Gothic
Country of OriginEngland


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