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Age of Craft – HMB Heater Shield


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    This robustly constructed shield is built for the rigors of HMB sport combat and is made from thick wood which is edged in durable and thick leather secured with cord stitching. An especially durable shield, this is an excellent choice for any hard-hitting sport and stage combat activity It is sized for HMB Sport.

    The back of the shield has a pair of crossed leather straps for the palm grip and an adjustable strap with a steel buckle for affixing the shield to the forearm. A strip of padded canvas is nailed onto the shield backing to give the arm some chafe protection and a bit of cushioning. The face of the shield is bound with thick textile and then painted in black.

    Please Note: The color of the leather edging may vary

    DIMENSIONS: 29 1/4” x 22”

    Dimensions29 1/4'' x 22''
    ManufacturerAge of Craft
    Country of OriginUkraine


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