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Age of Craft – HMB Kite Shield

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This durable kite shield is a solidly constructed shield built for heavy HMB sport combat and it will serve as an excellent shield for any sport or stage combat use. This kite shaped shield is sized for HMB and its more compacted size makes it easily maneuvered – in capable hands it can serve as a strong-striking bludgeoning weapon of its own in a sport combat scrum.

It is made from thick wood which is faced with a thick binding textile which was then painted black. The rounded shield edges are overlaid in thick leather which is secured with stitching and the back of the shield is configured to allow it to be worn with the forearm held vertically. Two crossing straps of thick leather serve as a grip hold and an adjustable strap and steel buckle strap the shield to the forearm. A pad of canvas with some internal padding is nailed to the shield back to give the forearm chafe protection and a bit of cushioning.

Please Note: Exact color tone of the leather and the color of the stitching can vary as well as the color of other smaller details. 

DIMENSIONS: 27 1/4” x 16”

Dimensions27 1/4'' x 16''
ManufacturerAge of Craft
Country of OriginUkraine

3 reviews for Age of Craft – HMB Kite Shield

  1. Welshman (verified owner)

    It’s a well-made shield, solid craftsmanship… but this is a punch shield. NOT a kite shield. NOT the size of a heater shield — this is wrong.

    Here is the size of a heater shield:
    Here is the size of a kite shield:
    Here is the size of a punch shield, like this one:

    This is NOT either of those shields. As you can see, it is most definitely NOT the size of a heater shield. It is shaped like a kite shield, but it is NOT a kite shield. You CAN use it as a shield. There IS a style to defend with this shield, and I will probably keep it around just to learn that style… but if you are looking for an HMB or buhurt kite shield, DO NOT buy this shield. It is deceptively advertised.

    • Matthew Maples

      Apologies for the confusion. We are following the naming schema recommended by the manufacturer who requests naming for products to closely match their site and they base their naming on shield shape. We provide dimensional data as well and now text context indicating that these are for HMB Sport and sized for HMB sport as per the manufacturing guidelines used by Age of Craft – a well known supplier of HMB gear.

  2. William Wiscovich (verified owner)

    Nice shield gonna use it this weekend. Looks great

  3. William Wiscovich (verified owner)

    Nice shield gonna use it this weekend. Will report back on how it worked

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