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Age of Craft – HMB Nasal Bascinet with Mail and Padded Pelerine – 12 Gauge Tempered Spring Steel

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This Bascinet with a nasal bretache is a robust and solidly constructed helmet built for the hard hitting, full-contact rigor of HMB (Historical Medieval Battle) sport combat. The helmet is constructed from thick, 12 gauge (2.5 mm) tempered spring steel; the bretache nasal plate is stoutly riveted into position and a protective grill of thick steel bars protects not only the eyes, but the lower face behind the mail camail.

The interior of the helmet is fully lined with thick, foam-backed Pelerine for internal impact padding which encompasses the dome and sides of the head. This liner is double-stitched to the helmet itself for improved durability. Beneath this helmet liner is a padded and integrated gambeson collar to protect the neck and to provide a backing for the chainmail. An adjustable chin strap of thick leather with a steel buckle is integrated into the helmet interior – also present is a longer neck strap and adjustable buckle to assist in keeping the helmet in position with a second anchoring position.

The camail is crafted from dome riveted mail rings which alternate with solid rings. The camail is attached to the helmet by being riveted to a leather helmet backing which itself is fitted onto the helmet with a metal wire. Laced leather banding attaches the rings to the face grill behind it.

Please Note – the interior measurements were taken by laying our measuring tape up against the foam of the padded interior without pressing into the foam. As the foam is intended to encase the head with a snug fit there is a small degree of allowance for slightly larger head measurements when fitted into the impact-foam interior.

The design of the helmet fits well within the 14th century and is suitable for a wide variety of medieval European regions. These helms were common to Italy and Germany and many had a prominent nasal plate to protect much of the face whilst leaving its bearers vision and breathing substantially less obstructed than more encompassing helmet designs. It was a common practice in this period for tight fitting bascinets, often with a camail or aventail of mail to be worn beneath and even larger great helm. A great helm may have superb overall protection but its impairment to the senses could be a hindrance in a close-in melee. Thus knights and men-at-arms would often throw off their great helms after the initial, forceful charge and fight on afterwards with just the bascinet. A stout chain attachment to the great helm ensured it was attached to its rider and not lost once taken off.

Front to Back: 8 1/2”
Side to Side: 6”
interior Circumference: 23 1/2”
Mail Rings are appx. 1.2 mm thick and 9.5 – 10 mm in internal diameter appx.
Weight: 12 lbs 4.5 oz

Front to Back: 9”
Side to Side: 6 1/2”
interior Circumference: 24”
Weight: 13 lbs 5.7 oz
Mail Rings are appx. 1.2 mm thick and 9.5 – 10 mm in internal diameter appx.

Gauge [12 Gauge]
MaterialTempered 65G Spring Steel
ManufacturerAge of Craft
Country of OriginUkraine


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