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Age of Craft – HMB Oval Shield – Black


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    This robustly constructed and heavy duty shield is built for HMB sport combat. The wood shield body is thick and is bound on the front with a binding fabric before receiving its base coat of paint. The shield is rimmed with thick leather which is secured with tight cordage and the shield edges are thick and rounded to allow them to be safely used as an offensive weapon.

    The shield is backed with a padded panel and is secured to the combatants arm with a set of straps – a steel buckled strap for the forearm and a criss-crossed set of straps which provide a solid handhold for the palm.

    Although eminently suited for hard-hitting HMB combat, this shield is also a good option for anyone who wants a truly sturdy and long-lasting shield. It is sized for HMB Sport Fighting.

    DIMENSIONS: 25 1/2” x 16 1/8”

    Dimensions25 1/2'' x 16 1/8''
    ManufacturerAge of Craft
    Country of OriginUkraine


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