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Age of Craft – HMB Thigh Armor – Pair of Brigandine Cuisses

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This set of Brigandine Cuisses are a simple way to add excellent protection to the thighs. Designed specifically for full contact HMB medieval sport fighting, the brigandine is constructed from plates of 0.8 – 1 mm thick tempered spring steel which give robust and resilient protection without incurring excess weight. The plates are solidly riveted to a durable composite fabric of durable canvas cloth with a strong wool cloth exterior.

The armor is donned by lacing its thick leather tab an arming belt to hang and support the armor. Sturdy steel buckles matched with adjustable straps of thick leather affix the armor the leg and adjust it to fit. A pair of open eyelets at the bottom of each armored piece allows for the bottom of the armor to be secured to an arming garment.

Weight3 lb 6 oz each
Gauge [19 Gauge]
Dimensions25 W x 16 1/2 L (laid flat)
MaterialTempered Spring Steel
ManufacturerAge of Craft
Country of OriginUkraine


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