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Albion Aquilifer Roman Gladius


Battle Ready
Battle Ready

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    The Roman Legions were renowned for their brutal, efficient use of the short sword and over the centuries the style of short sword changed as tactics changed or were refined. Beginning with the ''gladius Hispaniensis'' (based on a Celt-Iberian leaf-bladed short sword), over time the sword became shorter and broader (the Mainz and Fulham patterns) and culminated in the ''Pompeii'' style stabbing sword.

    The Fulham pattern gladius is of the same early period as the Mainz style — it has been theorized that they are actually the same basic pattern and represent only a slight variation of the basic leaf-blade pattern, possibly due to differing regional or manufacturing styles.

    Like the Mainz gladius, the Fulham has a long point and the blade is ''waisted,'' but in the case of the Fulham it is not as severe as in the Mainz.

    The Albion Next Generation Aquilifer Roman Gladius is a beutiful example of the Fulham pattern. The blade is hand-ground from high carbon steel to a fine satin finish, sharpened and heat-treated by hand in the Albion Forge Shop. The guard and pommel are hand-crafted of walnut, the grip turned from holly, and the inset guard plate and pommel nut are of bronze.

    Overall Length28 1/8''
    Blade Length20 3/8''
    Weight1 lb 8 oz
    EdgeVery Sharp
    Width59.8 mm
    Thickness5.4 mm - 3 mm
    Grip Length3 1/2''
    Blade [6150 High Carbon Steel]
    ClassBattle Ready
    ManufacturerAlbion Swords Ltd
    Country of OriginUSA


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