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Albion The Soldat Sword


Battle Ready
Battle Ready

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    In German speaking areas, the Falchion did not reach the same popularity as elsewhere in Europe. Instead the common big war-knife saw a development of its own. For defence and war, Germanic commoners and nobles alike would use the Messer / Grossemesser (a single-hand, single edged sword with a wide blade) and the Kriegsmesser ( a larger two-handed version). Messer literally means knife and these swords were essentially larger versions of defense and utility knives commons utilized.

    Named for the common soldier, the Soldat is inspired by the classic shape of the Grosse Messer seen in German fencing manuals of the 15th and 16th centuries.

    At first glance it may seem an unassuming and somewhat crude weapon, but the blade is a simple, effective design with a subtlety that is easily overlooked. Because of overall size and shape the blade can be made surprisingly quick in handling even without any real mass in the pommel to act as counterbalance. The dynamic balance and heft of this weapon arrives almost exclusively from the distribution of mass in the blade and tang.

    The cross section geometry of the blade is a lean and slim triangle, allowing a stiff spine and an acute angle of the main bevel. Such a blade is very effective in the cut.The outer third of the blade is further lightened by a false edge resulting in a blade that is surprisingly responsive and quick in the recovery. We can see from the drawings of Albrecht Der that the fighting techniques exploited with these weapons were in no way crude or simple: the moves described require quick and expertly balanced weapons of offence and defence.

    The blade is hand-ground from high-carbon steel to a fine satin finish, heat-treated by hand for maximum flexibility and edge retention. The sword is sold sharp, unless otherwise requested by the customer. The hilt of the Soldat is constructed with two grip slabs that are secured with tubular rivets. Secured by a rivet through the guard is a lug on the outside of the hilt that protects the knuckles of the hand. This is an important feature as the blade is used in binding and winding techniques that otherwise easily might result in damage to the sword hand. The hilt components are of cast mild steel.

    The Soldat is available in either right or left-hand versions. Please be sure to specify when ordering.

    Overall Length29 3/8''
    Blade Length24 1/8''
    Weight2 lb 0.3 oz
    Width44.8 mm
    Thickness6.1 mm - 2.2 mm
    P.O.B.4 1/4''
    Grip Length3 1/4''
    Blade [6150 High Carbon Steel]
    ClassBattle Ready
    ManufacturerAlbion Swords Ltd
    Country of OriginUSA

    Review and testing of the Soldat Messer by Albion Swords


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