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Sport Combat

Anglo-Saxon Long Seax – Stage Combat Version


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This long seax was handcrafted in the Czech Republic by Wulflund. This seax was strongly constructed so that it could be used for a heavy amount of sport, stage and reenactment combat; the blade has a thick and strong spine and a single edge that is at least 2 mm thick. The guard and pommel were welded to a thick tang and the tang was given a large peen to give the entirety of the hilt a very robust construction.

The blade is of 14260 CSN high carbon steel and was tempered to a hardness of 50-52 HRC. The guard and pommel are of steel and were left with a rough-polished appearance to accentuate their handcrafted origin and to give them the handsome, yet utilitarian look of a practical fighting weapon. Likewise the spine of the blade is left with this rough-polished treatment.

The grip is wrapped with either a spiral band of leather or overlaid in leather cord. These swords are given either of these grips randomly. We will ship to you what we have in stock at time of order. The last photo displays the cord wrapped grip.

Please Note: The grip color and the type of leather grip wrap used on this sword can vary – grip colors can vary from brown to black. There may also be variations in hilt style or grip length.

Overall Length25 1/2''
Blade Length19 3/8''
Weight2 lb 2.4 oz
Width35.8 mm - 40 mm
Thickness5.1 mm - 5.3 mm
P.O.B.3 7/8''
Grip Length4 3/8''
Blade [CSN14260 High Carbon Steel]
TypeLong Seax
ClassSport Combat
Country of OriginCzech Republic


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