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APOC Brutus – Gladius Sword designed by Gus Trim

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The APOC Brutus is a modernized tactical Gladius that was designed by Angus Trim to create a durable blade that was optimized for powerful and decisive cutting. The sword is compact in its size, but its wide blade cuts with great efficiency and its diamond-cross section stiffens the blade to ensure it can pierce and thrust with great ability. A thickened ricasso at the base which doubles as a utilitarian guard gives the base of the blade excellent durability. The blade itself was crafted from resilient and practical black-coated 9260 high carbon steel.

The grip is formed from sturdy milled G10 fiberglass laminate over the thick tang of the blade to create a truly tough and long-lasting full tang hilt assembly. The sword is matched with a MOLLE compatible scabbard to allow it to be easily strapped onto your gear or bug-out bag.


Overall Length24 1/16"
Blade Length18"
Weight2 lbs 2 oz
Width51 mm
Thickness5.7 mm - 3.2 mm
P.O.B.3 1/2"
Grip Length5 1/8"
Blade [9260 High Carbon Steel]
ClassBattle Ready
Country of OriginChina

Kult of Athena APOC Tactical Brutus Blade Angus Trim Design

4 reviews for APOC Brutus – Gladius Sword designed by Gus Trim

  1. RWB (verified owner)

    Durability- Very High
    Comfortable Grip
    Scabbard is nice

    CHONKY BOI: Too overbuilt
    Forward Balanced Blade- Tends to “pull” the user around

  2. Robert Lankford (verified owner)

    This blade kinda took me by surprise when using it. A bit heavy in a good way though, it will definitely lead you around so be prepared to use that to your advantage. The only 2 complaints I have with it is, I wish they would have reinforced the tip of the blade and made the end of the tang like they did on the broadsword. I can easily live with the latter but the former kinda gets me. Other than that it’s a really good sword.

  3. CWR

    In my opinion this is among the top ten short swords on the market you can split a brick with this Lady, However she is truly a xxxx to get sharp I put a rounded dull edge that will just slice sheet of paper that way when I Chop a bone the edge will retain its integrity this 9260 High Carbon Steel is tougher than my mother in law bless her heart in heaven God she was a battle axe LOL

  4. ARM (verified owner)

    When reading the following consider that the blade came with a factory edge. If I were purchasing another I would use KoA’s sharpening service. That said, you would not want someone hacking at you with it as is.

    First, what this sword is not. It is NOT a gladius and should not be judged as one despite the name . Anyone can tell this before purchasing it by looking at the images and reading the specifications and then comparing those to the images and specs of various gladii on KoA’s website. If you have or do purchase it without doing that and are then disappointed because it does not look or handle like an actual gladius, the fault is your own.

    Second, what this sword is. It is a chopper and a sticker. It is inspired by the gladius, thus the name. It is somewhat similar to another blade inspired by the gladius: the Model 1831 French Infantry short sword aka the Cabbage Chopper and its knockoffs. It is a bit heavy for its size and is designed to hold up to a bit of abuse. That said, it’s point is a bit better for thrusting and probably less durable than the Cabbage Chopper’s. Some of the complaints or cons people have regarding this blade are the same as those for the Cabbage Chopper.

    The APOC Brutus’ hilt consists of two screwed in place. They are somewhat blockish, but the corners are well beveled–more comfortable to hold than one might imagine. Cloth tape improves the grip as the scales are smooth. Some might like them to be a tad narrower in cross section. It would be easy to modify or replace them.

    The guard serves to prevent the hand from sliding forward. It is too small to depend on to protect the hand otherwise. The guard and ricasso have squared corners. It would be nice if they were rounded abit, but that is easy enough to do at home.

    The point is well suited to thrusting. The point control is is manageable and you can rap a finger around the cross if you like. . Just remember this blade is intended for more than thrusting.

    The scabbard seems durable. It would be nice if it came with a belt loop, but it is easy enough to improvise with the current design.

    Summary: If you want a Roman Gladius, buy a reproduction, not the APOC Brutus. If you want something similar to a gladius consider the Brutus. Also consider the Cabbage Chopper, a qama, kindjal, or other gladius inspired weapon. Whatever you do, read and compare the specifications. Caveat emptor.

    Note: I do not base PRODUCT ratings on shipping or customer service issues. That said, this product was delivered in good order in a timely fashion. There were no problems with customer service.

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