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APOC – Hundr Hatchet

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The Hundr Hatchet from APOC Survival Tools is purpose-designed to be a compact companion for the trail and camp. At just about a pound and a half in weight and a bit less than a foot in length the Hundr is easily borne for long distances and can be attached easily to your gear with its Molle compatible sheath. Its axehead is well-suited to bushcraft, trailblazing and camp utility. The flattened poll (butt) hammer opposite the blade can be used to drive stakes into the ground, and the axe handle design allows for it to be easily choked up on to allow for finer work such as the creation of feather-sticks for fire kindling.

Robustly crafted, the axe is made from a solid piece of 9260 high carbon steel with a tempered hardness in the low 50s HRc and a black anodized coating. The sturdily grip scales are solid milled G10 fiberglass laminate. The included axe sheath is hard plastic with a set of faux leather buttoned retaining straps.



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