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APOC Survival Longsword

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The APOC Survival Longsword is a modernized re-imaging of the Medieval longsword which melds the traditional deadliness and handling properties of this swift two-handed sword with all the benefits that modern materials technology can bring. The blade is well-tempered 9260 high carbon steel with a practical black-coated finish. The blade has a thick ricasso at the base of the blade to give it substantial durability and the blade has the necessary rigidity to ensure that it can both thrust and cut with great ability. To ensure that the blade is as durable as possible it features a full-tang construction with the hilt and blade being composed of a single piece of steel. To complete the sword with a comfortable grip it has two scales of milled G10 fiberglass laminate which are durably secured to the tang for an altogether robust construction. A pre-drilled hole at the end of the blade tang allows for the attachment of your own lanyard.

The sword is matched with a black-coated scabbard which is crafted from lightweight fiberlass and completed with a Molle compatible mount for ease in attaching this modern sword to your gear. The mouth of the scabbard is molded with a half-spherical attachment which neatly fits into the divot on both sides of the sword hilt to grip the sword for a relatively tight fitting between the sword and scabbard.








Overall Length45 1/2"
Blade Length35 3/8"
Weight3 lbs 6.7 oz
Width40.9 mm
Thickness6.7 mm - 3.7 mm
P.O.B.4 1/8
Grip Length10 1/4"
Blade [9260 High Carbon Steel]
ClassBattle Ready
Country of OriginChina

APOC Survival Longsword Review

8 reviews for APOC Survival Longsword

  1. thediscarded87 (verified owner)

    Simple look,
    Straight lines,
    Sharp edge.

    Exactly as advertised.


  2. TommyBoy (verified owner)

    Very nice sword in the APOC line (I have 4 now). It is hefty, but very well balanced – providing the dexterity for a quick recovery while still having the weight to do significant damage. Balance is about 3 inches forward of the hilt. Steel is well tempered and sharpens well. Insider trick – the Rada sharpeners work very well with this steel, and a quick stropping on leather makes the edge scary sharp.

  3. Craig Harms (verified owner)

    I have bought 2 of these. 1 for my friend and one for myself. I am a huge fan. I did a write up on FB (search apoc survival tools armory club) for how to add some hardware on the pommel thru the 3/8″ hole that adds some nice balance making it feel significantly less chunky. By my estimate it holds up wonderfully when compared to my Hanwei Tinker Longsword.

    Big recommend.

  4. Herb J Ervin (verified owner)

    My honest review of the sword I was sent, it’s condition and damage from shipping was rejected out of hand with no explanation.
    Kult of Athena is dishonest and these reviews mean nothing. I’ll never purchase from koa again and will take every opportunity to share my honest review and opinion of koa.

    • David Weiss

      Herb – We never heard from you on the customer service team. We are publishing this post to make sure customers understand they can reach out to learn about their options, including return, within 30 days of delivery of the item.

  5. joshualaw801 (verified owner)

    Good sword, but the cap at the end of the sheath wasn’t glued properly, and keeps coming off when you put the sword back in the sheath. So good sword and an ok sheath

  6. Herb (verified owner)

    This serves as legal notice. You have altered my original review to suit yourself and your greed. Post the original review or remove it entirely. I’m retired, I have the time, the finances and an attorney buddy with a wonderful knack for tearing little crap outfits like you to pieces in court.

    • David Weiss

      Herb – I do not recall anything happening to your original post, but please feel free to repost to demonstrate your original content.
      From time to time, we remove language or slurs that are unacceptable to publish; if your post contains that, we may edit or not share it.

      It looks like your purpose in the review was to a) complain about the product and b) complain about KOA. We did post that, so not sure how it serves us from a greedy pov. We also offered a reminder that you can reach out to customer service within our normal return policy to explore return options.

      Again, if you’d like us to take down all of your reviews, we will, but reviews are there to compliment and to bash product and service, as well as give us a chance to investigate and respond.

  7. Jack (verified owner)

    This is a fantastic sword, the only issue possible is the cap of the scabbard, but if you don’t slam the sword in it’s fine. Might put two reviews to balance out the actual libel coming Herb, the “expert”

  8. Jack (verified owner)

    Hey if Herb gets to put 2 1-star reviews to complain, I get to put 2 5-stars, right?

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