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Authentics Double Headed War Axe

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This giant hand-crafted, blackened double headed axe blade measures over 18″ across! The blade is secured with hand wrought nails on a blackened and seared wood handle.

Overall Length48''
Weight9 lb 8 oz
Blade [High Carbon Steel]
TypeDouble Headed Axe
ClassBattle Ready
ManufacturerRitter Steel
Country of OriginPhilippines

4 reviews for Authentics Double Headed War Axe

  1. meng lee

    double headed war axe review the picture don’t do it justice. blade comes moderately sharp, and very sturdy construction. i will sharpen it with an ase stone for a deadly edge. overall, very beautiful beast of a weapon. will make youtube video of it someday.

  2. jonesenstein

    Double Headed War Axe Like the other reviewer said, the pictures do not do it justice. This thing is massive and imposing. The blade is moderately sharp. The advertised weight is accurate, so if you plan on wielding it, make sure you can handle a 9 1/2 pound weapon. I personally like swinging around ridiculously heavy weapons, so this was perfect. The one thing I had to do was modify the handle a little; it was a little too squarish to grip well. Still 5/5, I love this monster.

  3. edt3456

    Intimidating!! Very intimidating! If I was on a king’s battle field before the battle started, and I saw someone in the front row of the opposing Kings army carrying one of these, I would step back a few rows. (lol). Well worth the money. Built great for the price!

  4. Steven b.

    Wall hanger Ok where do I began.the head of the axe is welded to the spike not forge welded but weldeded meaning it’s very likely to break if you ever hit something harder then pudding…
    The handle is squared the length of the weapon meaning unless your hands are over 12 inch long your not gonna be able to grip the thing..i will say this it’s well balanced .but still a wall hanger.

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