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Baladay Dervish Scimitar


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This Dervish scimitar will easily balance edge-up and is specifically designed for Bellydancing and performance arts. The deep curve of the blade not only gives it a good balance, but also makes it quite visually impressive! The blade is crafted from stainless steel for ease of maintenance and is mirror polished for a vibrant, reflective sheen.

The hilt is brass with a polished wood grip and the sword comes with a leather sheath complete with buttoned retaining straps to keep the sword secured in its sheath when in transport. These swords are tested for balance before shipping.

Overall Length32 1/2''
Blade Length25 3/4''
Weight2 lb 6.5 oz
Width33.2 mm
Thickness3.7 mm - 3.1 mm
P.O.B.5 1/2''
Grip Length4 5/8''
Blade [Stainless Steel]
Country of OriginPakistan


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