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Baladay Scimitar – Damascus with Brass Hilt

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This version of the Baladay Scimitar has a blade of unsharpened damascus. The crossguard and pommel are of brass and the grip is crafted from polished wood. The sword is designed to balance edge-up when used for bellydancing – we do test each sword for this balance before sending it to you.

The accompanying scabbard for this sword is crafted with stiffened, stitched felt.

Damascus was once a great center of weapons production and its many talented smiths were renowned for their Damascus Steel swords whose distinct blades had intricate patterns that looked akin to rippling water. Not just for show, the blades were both stronger and more flexible than other blades of the time and they greatly impressed Western merchants who began trading for the weapons in the 3rd-4th century AD. Although the name fixes the steel to the Middle East, the process of damascus actually originated in India.

The techniques to create damascus was lost in the mid 18th century, but modern recreations often make damascus by merging two different types of steel into a single blade – this is what gives it the distinct patterning on the blade.

Overall Length31 1/4''
Blade Length24 1/4''
Weight2 lbs 14.6 oz
Width37.5 mm - 52.3 mm
Thickness3.7 mm - 3.5 mm
Grip Length4 1/2''
Blade [Damascus Steel]
Country of OriginPakistan

1 review for Baladay Scimitar – Damascus with Brass Hilt

  1. Aaron F.

    Superb Scimitar, Sturdy, Stunning, Stable, Sexy! Such supremely shiny, strong, steely scimitars seldom sell so sensibly.

    Survivability: Sword successfully survives several slips, slams, smacks, smashes, smoothly, still straight, symmetrical, spotless, sans scratches, so sturdy!

    Superficial Sightliness: Such splendorous, skillfully shaped scimitars seldom surface. Steel spiraled sensuously, scintillating spirals stun spectators. Size suitably stimulating, still sensible. Sword’s spine swoops sharply skyward, sexy.

    Stability: Specifically structured so steady surmounting shimmying scalps. Scimitar superbly secure, shockingly stable! Suitably survives shimmying, swaying, spinning, skipping, spinal sloping, steadfastly. Sufficient skill sharpening surely supposed!

    Safety: Scimitar’s steel sagely sans sharpening. Safe!

    Succinctly: Superb Shimmier’s Scimitar! Supremely Sanctioned!

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