Forged by Balaur Arms, this Type XIIa longsword fits in well with swords throughout 14th century Europe and the origin of its blade design hearkens to the 13th century when increasingly tapered swords were developed to improve their thrusting ability. A classic Medieval design with a lenticular cross-section to its blade, these swords had long fullers to reduce unnecessary weight from the mid section with minimal loss to overall durability.

The blade is crafted from high carbon steel well-tempered to a 50-52 HRc hardness. The hilt is steel and the blade is mounted and secured into the hilt with a stout peen on the pommel. The grip is fashioned from hardwood and is tightly bound in black leather to complete the sword.

The companion scabbard is crafted from wood and is overlaid in leather and then capped with a protective steel chape.

Please Note: The older design of this sword (as seen in the video) has an integrated sword belt. The new version has omitted this integrated sword belt for a bare scabbard which can be used for a wider variety of mounting systems for wear which are applicable to a wider range of body types.