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Balaur Arms – 14th Century Longsword – 2nd Gen Close Out


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Battle Ready

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    2nd Gen Balaur Arms

    Forged by Balaur Arms, this Type XIIa longsword fits in well with swords throughout 14th century Europe and the origin of its blade design hearkens to the 13th century when increasingly tapered swords were developed to improve their thrusting ability. A classic Medieval design with a lenticular cross-section to its blade, these swords had long fullers to reduce unnecessary weight from the mid section with minimal loss to overall durability.

    The blade is crafted from high carbon steel well-tempered to a 50-52 HRc hardness. The hilt is steel and the blade is mounted and secured into the hilt with a stout peen on the pommel. The grip is fashioned from hardwood and is tightly bound in black leather to complete the sword.

    The companion scabbard is crafted from wood and is overlaid in leather and then capped with a protective steel chape.

    Please Note: The older design of this sword (as seen in the video) has an integrated sword belt. The new version has omitted this integrated sword belt for a bare scabbard which can be used for a wider variety of mounting systems for wear which are applicable to a wider range of body types.

    – No Returns on Close-Outs

    Overall Length45 1/2"
    Blade Length36"
    Weight2 lbs 14 oz
    Width49.8 mm
    Thickness4.5 mm - 2.8 mm
    P.O.B.4 7/8"
    Grip Length7 1/8"
    Blade [1075 High Carbon Steel]
    ManufacturerBalaur Arms
    Country of OriginIndia

    9 reviews for Balaur Arms – 14th Century Longsword – 2nd Gen Close Out

    1. smssybert (verified owner)

      I bought this sword and got it pretty quick in the mail. But to make a long story short the blade is still floppy as ever there is an extremely loud rattle inside the handle in the paint is wearing off the wire wrapped grip on day three of having it. I would not suggest a sore to anybody or this company for that matter

    2. Dude McStuff (verified owner)

      The sword is quite nice. It’s light a feels good in the hands. I had no problems when I was cutting targets with it. The only complaint I have is that when it first arrived, it was fairly dull despite paying for it to get sharpened. I would recommend sharpening it yourself

    3. Salem Handy (verified owner)

      Got the sword a couple of days ago. Overall happy with my purchase, only real complaint I have is that the crossguard has a small wobble (barely noticeable).
      I paid for KOA sharpening and the edge still isn’t really sharp, not sharp enough to cut my hand on if I try so I’m a bit disappointed with that but it won’t affect my review of the sword.
      The scabbard is nice, fits the sword well and the sword doesn’t rattle inside the scabbard. No epoxy residue in the scabbard which is always nice. I would just use some compressed air and blow the inside of the scabbard out to get any dust out of the scabbard.
      As mentioned earlier, the blade has an edge but isn’t sharp so I can’t comment on its cutting ability.
      I personally wouldn’t bother with KOA sharpening if you have a belt grinder at home. The sword is pleasant to wield and I can do quick follow-up strikes and thrusts, my sword’s POB is as advertised. Overall, I would recommend this sword, especially for the price.

    4. alientude

      The Good: Handles well, cuts very well. Sharpening by Kult of Athena was very even and well-done, although it need require a stropping. Grip is very comfortable, a huge upgrade on typical Windlass grips. For the price, the performance is quite good.

      The Bad: Kult of Athena sent me this sword instead of the 13th to 14th Century Longsword I ordered. The seam in the grip separates a bit at the pommel, creating a small hot spot. Blade starts a little too thin at the crossguard – it could use to start at around 5.5 mm thick, rather than 4.2, to ensure good rigidity.

      The Ugly: It has a grinding mistake near the end of the fuller, where the thickness of the blade dips precipitously, and the width drops a little bit too. This created a weak spot in the blade’s structure, and it’s taken a set at that spot after a simple flex test. Windlass should have caught this in QC, and KoA’s supposed inspection of every sword should have deemed this one munitions grade.

      Full review available here:

      • David W

        Hi Alientude – thanks for sending in the review – please reach out to customer service with some pictures of the grinding mistake!

    5. Richard Sanchez (verified owner)

      The sword feels sturdy, looks great, pretty sharp overall I’m very happy with it. This is my first purchase from this dealer and sword purchase in general. I love all the items I received. I purchased a viking shield, cutlery set, sword, stand, and a lock. I’m very happy with everything. for some reason the shipping was crazy fast. From when I clicked order to when I had the items in my hands was 7 days. I’ll definitely be purchasing from you guys again

    6. Jason Drake (verified owner)

      The sword feels and looks good, no epoxy residue, scabbard fits nicely.

      Well balanced, haven’t sharpened it yet, so I cannot verify any cutting.

      Great value for a budget longsword

    7. George (verified owner)

      It arrived on time, slight imperfections in the blade but it has not affected function, and it was beautiful. The only issue is that the factory edge with added sharpening was DULL AS HELL. This sword could not slice through water bottles or even gallon jugs with the factory “edge”. The only use in adding the factory sharpening is if you want to sharpen it further by yourself, just as I did. After sharpening it myself it cuts like butter. Phenomenal sword for the price long as yours isn’t messed up .

    8. bigcityslyder (verified owner)

      This is my first time purchasing from Kult of Athena and I have to say I came away from the experience quite satisfied. For a first time sword purchase at such an affordable price, I was really pleased with what I received. The design is rather pleasing to the eye, and the overall balance feels great in my hands. I was also surprised to find that the factory edge was better than what I had been led to believe given some of the reviews I’ve seen, however I do believe I’ll need to touch it up a wee bit before I try it out with some test cutting. Quick shout out to the customer service here. I had an issue with my order during processing, and they took care of it for me very quickly. Can’t say how much I appreciate being able to talk to an actual human being in this day an age when calling customer service.

    9. mmacho56 (verified owner)

      I got a discount on this because the maker had earlier misrepresented steel types on some of their weapons. This combined with the fact that the model was being discontinued meant I didn’t have high expectations.

      Well, my expectations were greatly exceeded. Fit and finish is very good (not perfect, there are some grind marks and so forth–very good for the price point), the hilt wrap is tight, we’ll see if that lasts. Leather on the scabbard is surprisingly nice. I paid for the sharpening service and am very happy with it–the sword cuts paper easily, far better than the factory edge, which I believe was described as blunt.

      It’s a much sword than I imagined, yes the stats were correct but for some reason seeing the design I imagined something several inches shorter.

      I did a little test cutting and it has a great feel in hand.

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