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Balaur Arms – 15th Century German Longsword

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The Balaur Arms German Longsword is a sword that is both agile in the hands and a hard-hitting performance cutter. We collaborated with swordmaker and martial artist LK Chen to optimize the blade of this longsword to bring it a high level of practical cutting ability and handling characteristics. Great care was taken to optimize the sword to ensure that it possesses excellent performance attributes and a high level of construction integrity and durability. The blade is forged from GB 60Si2MnA high carbon alloy spring steel which gives the blade excellent wear resistance and a spring-temper to ensure that it can reliably flex and return true from impact. The final tempered hardness of the blade is 54-55 HRc and the blade was skillfully ground, polished and sharpened to give it a keen and sharp single bevel edge.

The crossguard and pommel are cast from stainless steel and sturdily mounted onto the thick blade tang. The crossguard resists loosening because it has an internal wedge-shaped channel that ensured a tight friction fit when mounted onto the blade tang and shoulder. A genuine leather rainguard chape is added to the guard and serves its purpose of keeping rain and moisture out of the scabbard with well-oiled leather to act as a rain repellent. The tang was then hot-peened over the pommel to anchor the blade into the hilt and ensure a robust construction. The hardwood grip is crafted from two halves of wood which are glued at the seam over the tang and then bound in tight leather. This construction method for the grip ensures that even if the wood were to shrink slightly it would not compromise the tightness of the sword hilt. Swords with friction-fit peens can loosen over time if the wooden grip shrinks and then leaves a gap in that friction-fit for the hilt. This alternate method used for this German Longsword removes that possibility by keeping the grip fitting separate from the pommel and guard.

A rainguard chape of leather is at the base of the crossguard; these leather attachments were not unusual to see on German, Swiss, Czech and other central European swords of the late Medieval period, but are not often reproduced in replicas because many of these leather pieces did not preserve well with the centuries and thus they are not seen on many of the museum pieces used as reference. Though often called a “rain guard” there is lively debate among sword scholars to its true purpose – practical? ornamental? an early form of protection from specific fencing techniques when not wearing gauntlets? The true purpose is open for deliberation, but these leather attachments were often a focal point for artisanal design and embellishment on high quality swords. Regardless of intended purpose, they do serve to keep rain out of the scabbard.

The sword is paired with a tough and durably built wooden scabbard which is tightly bound in well-stitched black leather and completed with a stainless steel chape.






Overall Length45 1/2"
Blade Length35 5/8"
Weight2 lbs 15 oz
EdgeVery Sharp
Width53.4 mm
Thickness5.8 mm - 2 mm
P.O.B.3 7/8"
Grip Length7 1/4"
Blade [GB 60Si2MnA High Carbon Manganese Spring Steel]
ManufacturerBalaur Arms
Country of OriginChina

Balaur German Longsword Cutting Test

15 reviews for Balaur Arms – 15th Century German Longsword

  1. Evan (verified owner)

    Very nice for the price. Light and quick and we’ll assembled. If you want a functional sword and don’t mind small signs that it is a hand made item. There are small imperfections in the polish, grip wrap is not the best looking but is tight and feels fine in the hand. Very pleased and would(will) buy another.

  2. Ashton (verified owner)

    Overall a very good sword for the price, I have no complaints about the sword itself. The fit and finish is done well, but there are a few minor blemishes on the pommel and crossguard. Namely some marks from the peening but its still polished over well. The blade is sleek, no roughness, and extremely sharp.

    The only real complaint I can have is that the scabbard came broken or fractured at the top. It doesn’t run very far and the scabbard is holding together regardless, but it can bend very easily on that side though it does return to shape after. Considering you basically get the scabbard for free, I’m still overjoyed I bought this and the issue with the scabbard really isn’t a deal breaker for me with the price point of this sword.

  3. Eric (verified owner)

    Nailed it good with this one. Glad I pushed the button on this very nice sword. The service and packing form KOA was first class all the way. Very light and well made. Thin blade but not whippy. Handles well and is sharp. Good investment!

  4. Ponodough (verified owner)

    This is my first sharp sword, and I am very impressed! I have handled two Albion swords, and this so far comes close to that quality. The packaging of the sword was very good, being tightly wrapped with brown paper, upon arrival there was no patina or rust on the sword. The fit is exceptional and the finish is very good. The edge is reasonably sharp, and the grind is very precise and straight. There are no hot spots on the hilt except for the very nice looking decorative cutouts on the end of the quillons, which do not come into contact with your hand when you’re handling it, so its not a problem. The scabbard is of fantastic quality. It fits the blade well and the stitching is straight and clean, although there are very small amounts of rattle when shaken vigorously. The sword does not fall out when it is in the scabbard, but the draw is very easy and clean. Overall a absolutely stunning and impressive sword, I will definitely be buying from Balaur Arms soon.

  5. Ray Blundell (verified owner)

    Just received my german long sword by balaur today,Thanks to Mikki ,The person I spoke with.[ Sorry if I spelled your name wrong} thanks for all your help.The pob on my sword is 3and5/8’soz,the weight is 2.12and1/2 oz.I ordered a blemished model, allthough can,t find anything on it that wouldn,t on a standard model.Love everthing about the sword ,The grip,promal,rain guard,scabbard,guard,are all fantastic.The blade has more presents to it than the Italian long sword but handles extremely well.Have only cut a few water bottles so far.The blade is very sharp,looks like it may been sharpened on stones like you would on a katana,and it cuts very well.The ronin katana euperion swords I have came with a similiar edge.I like the balaur swords much better sence I only cut water bottles,mats and different sizes of bamboo,Balaur arms are the swords Iike the best.I allso ordered a 13th century long sword by balaur arms,That would be the fourth balaur arms sword I have purchased recently.All in all for the money on sale or not don,t think you can get a better midevial sword .Rember only cit water bottles ,mats and bamboo,safe cutting Ray Blundell

  6. West Hammer

    I bought one of the custom chape versions of the sword, they are all sold out now so I will put my review here. The sword is sharp, it will cut paper but not as well as in the video. It will cut deeply into the edges of the shipping carton, but bounces off the corners and sides.

    Now for all of those who for some reason think it is good that a sword does not slide out of its scabbard when held upside down, I have to sit down put my feet on the crossguard and pull up on the scabbard to get the sword out. Hopefully it will loosen up over time.

    It handles very well, it should be no problem using it in one hand.

  7. Ray Blundell (verified owner)

    Up date on single mat cutting,the sword cuts very well,Ray Blundell

  8. Jeffrey Sovelove (verified owner)

    Awesome for the price. It weighs almost exactly 3 lbs and the POB is about 4″, pretty much as per the specs. It’s light, fast, and comes frighteningly sharp right ouit of the box. Goes through water bottles and tastami mats like they’re not there. You won’t go wrong with this one!

  9. Shy (verified owner)

    Fit and finish are very tidy, no rattle or weird reverberations. Grip is very comfortable. The balance is about 4 inches from the crossguard. The blade is pretty sharp out of the box and springy in a good way, not whippy at all. The sword has a good amount of heft to it, but still very lively in the hand. Overall this is an excellent sword for the price. I’m very satisfied!

  10. erich_ellis (verified owner)

    First, full disclosure. I own many Balaur swords, both pre and post LK chen made. I also own a bunch of LK chen swords that are not part of the Balaur arms line. I can honestly say that when all factors are accounted for, including price, LK Chen is my favorite sword maker so please don’t take anything I say here as demeaning to the brand itself.

    This was my favorite sword so I actually own two of these, one of them is an early production and the new one just came in a few days ago. These two swords are great, but for very different reasons as they don’t feel anything like one another. The reasons for this are that KOA changes the specs of the sword over time without saying anything about it in the product page. While this is a problem, in my opinion, the real problem is why they changed the specs and what it means for LK Chen and Balaur as a brand.

    My old sword is 2lbs 11oz or about 1220 grams. It is wonderfully fast and light, and cuts tatami great because of how easy it is to generate crazy tip velocity. It is a little whippy yes, but so are many of the originals and it glides through mats with master cuts.

    The new sword is 3lbs even and that 5oz of steel is 100% in the foible of the sword. Much more stiff but there is a big shift in the POB and overall weight, and that kinda ruins it for me honestly. It is still a wonderful sword, but it’s definitely not what I expected.

    So I contacted KOA to ask why there is such a huge difference and this brings me to my REAL problem here. They changed the specs on the sword because WE CUSTOMERS asked for the change. Guys, what I love about LK Chen is that these are swords, not tatami cutting tools shaped like swords. LK Chen is not a backyard cutter, he is a historian and very capable martial artist. He designed these swords from originals that exist as real weapons, meant for no other reason than to fight other armed people. These are made to win fights because they are real swords, so if you are unable to cut a stationary mat that is not fighting back I believe that is 100% a “you” problem.

    Or your edge is not properly apexed from the factory. Yeah, watch out for that.

  11. Duane H (verified owner)

    Had it on my waitlist and ordered as soon as I was notified they were back in stock. Quite happy with the sword. Very sharp right out of the box, will probably touch it up/hone/strop it to scary-level sharpness soon. Good looking and attractive overall appearance. The lenticular cross section makes for a great cutter and it did not disappoint. The scabbard does not fit well at all and will require a ship at the throat to even hold itself onto the blade. Not a big deal and an easy workaround.

  12. leinfer12 (verified owner)

    Really nice piece for the price, Balaur Arms has come a long way. i own one of their first models and i have to say the quality has improve substantially for not that much more price wise, this sword is nimble on the hand and yet has a very powerful cut, small imperfections on the handle going to the leather piece on the cross guard but other then that this piece is prefect, love to have it on my collection. i have their Kriegsmesser coming soon to, keep it up guys doing great

  13. leinfer12 (verified owner)

    Really nice piece for the price, Balaur Arms has come a long way. i own one of their first models and i have to say the quality has improve substantially for not that much more price wise, this sword is nimble on the hand and yet has a very powerful cut, small imperfections on the handle going to the leather piece on the cross guard but other then that this piece is prefect, love to have it on my collection. i have their Kriegsmesser coming soon to, keep it up guys doing great

  14. Jonathon (verified owner)

    Sharp and well balanced for quick cuts! I believe that this is an amazing sword for the price range. The fit and finish is above my expectation. I have done some test cutting on water bottle, cans and pumpkins. It is lively in the hand and cuts with authority! Stabs well too!

  15. jamescunniffe (verified owner)

    I’m going to compare this sword to my Albion crecy for this review as they are the same blade type….they are similar in blade size and shape the fuller on the Albion is longer the Balaur is 1/3 of the blade where the Albion is near half way the Balaur has a more flat diamond after the fuller the fit and finish is excellent the leather grip is as good as the crecy the grip being longer on the Balaur makes it faster in the hand.
    Obviously it’s not finished to the high standards of Albion but the finished sword is excellent at half the price and in my opinion the Balaur is better value as you get a sword of the highest standards for half the cost…it’s a very good purchase I’m glad I hit the buy now … very fast shipping as always from KOA…

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