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Black Wooden Musashi Bokken

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This wooden bokken is made from stout and robust blackened wood. Its tsuba guard is hard plastic and it is held in place with a rubber habaki. A wrap of black cord completes the bokken.

1 review for Black Wooden Musashi Bokken

  1. Liam Murray (verified owner)

    This is a good sword to practice with or begin sword fighting, but there are some cons.

    -The Tsuka-Ito will become loose after a short amount of time. I had mine become loose on the bottom within two days of its arrival.

    -Under the Tsuka-Ito there’s a strip of glue on both sides so that cheaply holds the Tsuka in place.

    -The Tsuba is held down my a tight band, it is constantly shaking and making noise. But it is very hard to remove it.

    -Its a little heavy, but it is wood and not so noticeable if you know how to hold a katana correctly


    – When I removed the Tsuka I learned how to wrap it and it is nice to practice.

    – Reliable to practice with

    -The paint will chip if you hit scrape it

    If you’re looking for both a relatively cheap and cheaply made bokken it’s a good choice, but I recommend finding one that has much more reviews.

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