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Bulawa – Bronze-Headed Mace

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This light and swift-striking 12th – 13th century mace has a multi-faceted bronze head which is solidly mounted to a hardwood haft. A wooden wedge has been driven into the head of the wooden haft to expand it within the mace head for a particularly tight fitting.

This type of mace was popular in Germany, Hungary and the Ukraine and its many-faceted geometric mace head ensures that the force of a blow is concentrated onto a small, pyramidal point regardless of what angle is used to deliver the considerable concussive force of this mace onto a unfortunate foe.

1 review for Bulawa – Bronze-Headed Mace

  1. Andrew W.

    For Smashing Evil! A nice mace for your party’s cleric. Came with a patina on the brass, but a little toothpaste and some scrubbing cleaned it up nicely and gave it a minty fragrance. It’s solidly built, handles well, and is overall an attractive and formidable weapon for a pretty low price. Cleric approved!

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